Fortnite Is Bringing A Sci-Fi Icon To The Game

Fortnite is set to cross over with another major franchise, this one a total science-fiction icon in their own right. What a cool team-up

By Jason Collins | Published


The gaming world’s king of crossover Fortnite is bringing yet another sci-fi action to the game, though not in the way it usually does. Instead of tossing in a few new skins, Fortnite developer Epic Games is bringing the entire Doctor Who experiences to the game. BBC Studios has announced that the TARDIS, the show’s iconic police box the good Doctor uses as a time-space traveling device, will touch down in Epic Games’ popular battle-royale shooter. And it’s up to players to repair the TARDIS and get rewarded.

According to GamesRadar+, Fortnite is getting a brand-new Doctor Who Island featuring new adventures, missions, and battles across different iconic locations from the Doctor Who universe. Players will be tasked with repairing the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions In Space) by collecting the necessary items from around the island. It’s worth noting that Doctor Who is one of the world’s longest-running television series, with plenty of content within its respective universe (dubbed Whoniverse), so players can expect plenty of interesting content.

Fortnite players can access Doctor Who island by inserting the island’s code within the game. Entering code 3610-1396-4646 will grant players access to the island itself. However, to actually enter the battle royale match, players must start the Dynamorphic Generator Crystals quest before accessing the TARDIS’s hub. This leads to four other locations based on classic Doctor Who adventures. One of those locations is Kerblam! on the moon of Kandoka, where players can experience box fighting, with the Kerblam Man looking on.

Players can also visit an Escape Map, where they must escape the QuadZone Rescue SpaceCraft, all the while stopping a destructive alien from eating the ship’s systems. This sounds like an interesting mission, as the ship’s self-destruct sequence has been initiated, and players must find all ten mechanical parts to repair the ship’s escape pods. A Rumble Map lets players pick their team and loadout before fighting a classic deathmatch for either Time Lords’ or Dalek’s side, depicting one of the great Time Wars seen in the television series.

Probably the most interesting map to both Whovians and newcomers to the television show would be the Doctor Who Museum map. It features plenty of information about Doctor’s famous companions and foes, including the Cyberman, Daleks, K-9, the TARDIS itself, and the dreaded Weeping Angels. The Doctor Who island within Fortnite became available for gamers to discover and enjoy from March 17. Interestingly enough, the entire experience isn’t sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Epic Games.

Instead, the Doctor Who experience was independently created using Fortnite Creative, a Sandbox game mode that allows Fortnite gamers to design Fortnite games and experiences that can be published and shared with friends online. This could be indicative of Fortnite‘s transition from a simple but incredibly successful battle royale to Epic Games’ metaverse platform capable of housing tons of different experiences based on various forms of entertainment, including films, television series, and even other video games.