Far Cry 6 Player Reveals A Disturbing Glitch

By Jason Collins | 25 seconds ago

far cry 6

Game development is a tedious job that requires teams of hundreds and thousands of people, especially when it comes to massive open-world environments of AAA gaming titles. Put simply, there are too many “moving parts” in terms of gaming mechanics and other elements, and minor glitches tend to sift through the smallest of cracks. And considering the scale and size of triple-AAA gaming titles, tracking down each and every bug and glitch is nearly impossible to achieve. And when it comes to recently-released Far Cry 6, one player encountered, and shared, a disturbing in-game glitch.

According to Game Rant, a Reddit user named u/stigest stumbled upon a rather bizarre glitch while playing the Far Cry 6 video game. Upon returning to one of the in-game outposts, the player noticed the textures of one of the characters overlaid on top of another. Most notably, the face of El Tigre, one of the leaders of the ’67 Revolution, is overlaid on top of Jonron’s face, resulting in Jonron’s body wearing El Tigre’s face. For those unfamiliar with the game, Jonron, or Mercedes Martin, is actually a female character in the game, and El Tigre is an elderly gentleman wearing gray-haired but neatly trimmed mutton chops. See the glitch in the photo below.

It’s hard to imagine what the player has done to cause such a bizarre but equally entertaining glitch. Admittedly, this is one of the minute glitches happening in the game, since Ubisoft released a content update that fixed several more notable bugs in Far Cry 6, which launched over a month ago. Nevertheless, countless players have already experienced what the new addition to the franchise had to offer, with its expansive, detailed environments, unprecedented gaming mechanics, and memorable NPCs for gamers to interact with. So, considering the game’s scale, it’s not surprising that some cosmetic bugs still linger.

Hunting for bugs in games of this scale is incomparably more complex than actual development since it’s very easy for developers and both in-house and open-beta testers to overlook more minute glitches. The smallest of these errors rarely actualize, or when they do, they actualize under very specific circumstances, prompting companies such as Ubisoft to issue patches. Luckily, most modern games feature launchers, which usually update the game each time the developer or the publisher issues a fix for numerous errors reported by the players. And if Cyberpunk 2077 taught the gaming community anything, it’s that game development isn’t easy, shouldn’t be rushed, and in all likelihood, some bugs will slip through.

With that said, Far Cry 6 received positive reviews and criticism, despite its well-known taste of Ubisoft’s tried-and-tested formula of the franchise and pre-release criticism and controversy. Ubisoft already announced the game’s first DLC, featuring the return of the franchise’s most iconic villain from Far Cry 3 – Vaas. The actual content of the DLC and how exactly it will expand the narrative still remains in the domain of speculative thought, but Vaas’ return is highly welcomed by Far Cry’s die-hard fans. For those that still haven’t played the new Far Cry game, the sixth installment is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.