Fallout 76 Is About To Be Invaded By Aliens

Fallout 76 is getting a cool update with aliens now factoring into the game play. This addition is sure to add a new element to the game

By Jason Collins | Published

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Fallout 76, an online role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, is about to be invaded by aliens. The game’s dev team has previously teased the next big update, including the Invaders from Beyond event. This week, the fans finally had the chance to see some of the newly developed content firsthand in a recently published video.

As reported by ComicBook, the Fallout 76 dev team dropped a video, a dev dive into the content, featuring gameplay and commentary from within the event, and news about what’s planned for the future of the game. In addition, the same video covered other Fallout-related topics, such as the Fallout Worlds feature, which would allow gamers to build their own custom Appalachia world in-game — perhaps another one of Microsoft’s attempts to build a metaverse of their own. The video also discusses additional features incorporated in the upcoming update, such as S.C.O.R.E. progression from challenges and numerous other details regarding the update itself. You can witness the awesome content in the video below:

This is an awesome first look into the gameplay features of upcoming content, where developers share some insight about Invaders from Beyond update. However, impatient gamers who don’t want to wait for the update to go live can experience Invaders from Beyond on Fallout 76’s Public Test Servers, but the progression made there naturally won’t transfer to the update once it goes live. Nevertheless, it’s still a fantastic way to gain a head start and some experience regarding the upcoming event before it actually goes live, granting players the ability to traverse the scoreboards faster than gamers who weren’t interested in playing the PTS experience.

According to Fallout 76 devs, the Invaders from Beyond update means just that, an alien invasion. Every hour an Alien Mothership will appear above one of several densely-populated locations within the in-game world, deploying three Brainwave Siphons in the area. Those interested in playing the event would have to go to the Mothership’s location and interact with Siphon Kappa to actually enter the event. Once the event starts, players will be tasked with destroying all three Brainwave Siphons, one after the other, before the Siphons complete the Brainwave Extraction process — which is pretty self-explanatory.

However, things aren’t as simple as just hacking and slashing at Siphons until their health bars hit 0. Each Siphon is protected by a force field which is controlled by a different Alien Commander. Commanders are an egotistical bunch and won’t fight just anyone, so players would first have to fight alien forces to draw out the Commander for each Siphon. Things are pretty straightforward: kill aliens to draw out the Commanders, kill Commanders to drop the forcefields protecting the Siphons, and destroy the Siphons to drive out the aliens. Rinse and repeat.

Rewards for completing the events include loot, XP (experience points needed for gaining levels and progressing), and a chance to craft new alien weaponry. Fallout 76 event Invaders from Beyond is currently in its test phase, ahead of its live release scheduled for March 1. In other news, the Fallout series, which exists within the same universe as the games, just cast Justified star in a lead role.