Deep Rock Galactic Brings In Terrifying Boss In New Update

Deep Rock Galactic has shown off the new season two elements for the mining and wave clearing game, but a new and terrifying boss has also been added.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

deep rock galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is a unique game that turns mining into a four-player coop experience that involves hordes of enemies. Players take on the role of dwarves that all have their own weaponry and advantages that allows clearing of enemies and ease of acquiring precious materials in the world the game exists in. A new season is set to begin for the Left 4 Dead-inspired mining operation game. This new season entitled Rival Escalation will bring in a host of new features, one of which includes a brand-new terrifying boss. On top of the bugs and murderous robots that plague the dwarves at every turn, a new boss robot with claws that yank players into the sky has been added to hunt down the dwarves. You can see the new game update video below:

This new boss has claws that can literally yank a player into the air and cause mass amounts of damage. Based on the trailer, this new murderous robot seems to have some sort of fire force field projectile attack as well. Players will have to find some way to stay out of the clutches of those damaging claws while dodging the firewalls. Sounds like the new season of Deep Rock Galactic is going to be much more challenging for players. But don’t fret, as all the classes within the game have been given new secondary weapons to help with the new threat. For instance, the Gunner class has a new coil gun that allows them to blast straight through solid rock. This should help with mining and exploring at a faster rate. Drillers have also been given a new microwave gun that melts enemies. This is good for wave clearing of the highest degree.

deep rock galactic

On top of the new weaponry for all classes, a new cosmetic system has been put in place. This new cosmetic tree will allow players new cosmetic options such as beards and helmets, paint jobs for weapons, and new frameworks for all weapons. Players can achieve these new upgrades by obtaining Scrip within the game. The season pass has also been expanded by allowing even more special event missions to take place in the caves, with even more chances to complete missions that are said to net even more of the money, or Scrip, in the game. Season one is coming to an end, and the developers warn players to use that money while they still can. Although some might not have obtained all the Deep Rock Galactic Season 1 rewards, they will be given to players anyway. Within the caves, players can find season one rewards in cargo crates, lost packs, matrix cores, and even in the shop on the ship.

Deep Rock Galactic is turning into a full-fledged coop game that will be sustainable for the future. This new update has taken all the best elements of season one and expanded them greatly, especially by allowing players to obtain all the previous rewards. Deep Rock Galactic Season 2: Rival Escalation will drop on Steam on April 28th. PlayStation and Xbox players will receive this new update on May 5th. Check out the new update and be ready to take down the toughest boss yet.