No Man’s Sky Lets Players Become Criminals In New Update Video

By James Brizuela | 4 weeks ago

no man's sky

No Man’s Sky is easily one of the biggest games, in terms of what has been done to it. I purchased the game back in 2016, and honestly, gave up on it too fast. The community and feedback for this title have gone berserk, leaving massive amounts of updates and retools that have been welcomed among the entire fanbase. Where once this game was all about walking around planets and seeing life, you can now build an entire life in space. Now a new update is set to start, that will allow players the chance to become space pirates. Yes, space pirates. As if intergalactic travel wasn’t already fun enough, now players can literally create their own crime syndicates within the game. This comes with a new ship as well, the Solar Sail ship. The new update is entitled No Man’s Sky: Outlaws. You can see the new update trailer below:

This new update improves space combat, on top of allowing players to literally smuggle cargo. Now while smuggling cargo sounds fun enough, it seems as if that is not the only trick up the game’s sleeve. If you do the crime, you will have to do the time. That said, players will also be able to forge fake documents and evade capture at the hands of the space police that will hunt you for becoming a space pirate. How amazing is that? No Man’s Sky has truly evolved into one of the most interesting titles in decades. While settlements and sandworms were added to keep players exploring planets further, now more improved space combat and piracy bring the player back into the sky.

Besides being able to bring in friends to help you run your pirate empire, players will also be able to hire a crew of their own, ensuring that their growing criminal enterprise never skips a beat. But just because you become a space pirate, doesn’t mean that other space pirates will not try and raid your loot. Players in No Man’s Sky will now also need to find ways to protect their own loot and settlements. This can be done by upgrading defenses and crewmates. An entire black-market aspect has been added to the game. There, players can find black market goods, jobs, technology, and pirate missions. Where once the players hunted pirates to their advantage, now you may become one. Planetary raids have been added, bounty missions, new capes and hoods, planet frigates, and so much more.

A host of other game improvements have been added as well, which help one to become the most ruthless of space pirates. The number of ships that a player can own has been improved from six to nine. Players can now also enable auto-follow functions while in space. No more holding down the buttons for anyone. That is always a plus, especially with how massive No Man’s Sky is.

The No Man’s Sky: Outlaws update is officially out now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Hello Games is also releasing the game for the Nintendo Switch sometime this summer. All existing updates and DLC items will be available at launch. Go find out what makes this game special, and live your best pirate life.