Battlefield 6 Release Date Revealed

Battlefield 6 looks to have a release time.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Electronic Arts was always specific about its upcoming Battlefield 6 video game release, which was poised to release sometime in late 2021. However, the company never specified any precise release time window, other than “late 2021”, up until this point. Luckily, one of their financial documents laid out EA’s plans for its fiscal year, revealing the release date for the highly-anticipated Battlefield 6 video game.

According to an article published by IGN, Electronic Arts disclosed its release plans for the rest of its fiscal year, which place Battlefield 6 in Q3, along with the company’s earnings report. We’re discussing a fiscal calendar that sets the third quarter between October and December this year, when we could, according to EA’s plans, expect the release of Battlefield 6. However, the company hasn’t formally revealed the Battlefield 6 gaming title, and its formal announcement was recently teased on an official Battlefield Twitter page, setting the reveal for June 2021.

EA also revealed everyone involved in the making of Battlefield 6, EA DICE, DICE LA, Criterion, and EA Gothenburg are all involved in the game’s development. According to them, the game will be released for previous- and current-gen consoles and PC, harnessing the power of modern hardware to offer unprecedented experience, like the newly added dynamic weather mechanics. The company’s calendar also includes the rest of EA’s known releases, with FIFA 22, F1 2021, and Madden NFL 22, releasing in the Q2 release window (July through September).

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The new release date for Battlefield 6 defeats the notion of an annual cycle for Battlefield game releases. Electronic Arts released a new Battlefield game almost annually, ever since the release of the universally acclaimed Battlefield 1942. The franchise’s last released title was Battlefield V, was released in 2018 with six chapters added to the game between its release and 2020. Interestingly, the industry’s analyst, Daniel Ahmed, first noted in EA’s previous reports (in 2019) that the company plans the new Battlefield release for fiscal 2022, which started April this year and ends March 2022. This notion turned out to be accurate and is now further narrowed down to Q3 of FY2022 (the fiscal year 2022).

With everything said, the exact dates of the Battlefield 6 reveal and release are still unknown. We know so far that EA won’t present the game at the upcoming E3 2021 since the company decided to skip the trade event entirely. With their annual EA Play presentation moved to July 22 and the aforementioned June reveal teaser tweet, the reveal trailer may drop at a random time in June 2021.

Until we end up learning more, there are several things we can count on for the upcoming Battlefield 6 game, like enhanced mechanics, large ever-changing maps with the interactive environment, and tons of first-person shooter entertainment. The game will also include extended character customization adjustment, dynamic weather mechanics, and a consistent day/night cycle, providing an immersive and memorable gaming experience. However, we’ll have to wait for the official reveal trailer for any glimpse of the exact release date or month.