Jack Black Declares Favorite Movie Role And We Couldn’t Agree More

By Shanna Mathews-Mendez | Published

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Apparently, Ringwood Secondary College in Melbourne, Australia, is performing School of Rock, and they’ve invited Jack Black to come watch. In a response on TikTok, Black expresses gratitude for the invitation, sadly declining due to a previous engagement. But he doesn’t sign off before saying that, though he made the movie 20 years ago, it is still his favorite movie that he ever made. And who could argue with that? 

Jack Black In School Of Rock

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If you haven’t seen Jack Black in School of Rock, what are you even doing with your life?

The film was written by comedian Mike White and directed by Richard Linklater of Dazed and Confused fame. Jack Black stars as Dewey Finn, a guitarist in an unknown band called No Vacancy. He’s already down on his luck, sleeping in the living room of his college buddy, Ned Schneebly, played by White, but then he gets kicked out of his own band for being too over the top. 

When Ned’s girlfriend, the overbearing, controlling Patty (played brilliantly by Sara Silverman), hears this news, she insists Ned kick Dewey out. Ned is a sweet, timid, substitute teacher who does try to put his foot down, but rarely succeeds. Instead, we find him torn between a wild and goofy, obstinate Jack Black and a slightly psychotic Sara Silverman in School of Rock.  

Jack Black Being Jack Black

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That same day, a call comes in for Ned while he’s out, and Dewey picks up. The call is from a local prep school, Horace Green. The principal, Rosalie, played by the always quirky Joan Cusack, asks if Ned is able to teach the middle school students for a few weeks.

Desperate for money, Dewey poses as Ned and takes the job. He shows up in perfect Jack Black fashion, unable to spell “Schneebly,” asking the kids to call him Mr. S., and instituting the school of rock. 

A Lovable Goofball

Jack Black plays his first character of this magnitude in School of Rock. He’s kooky, he’s musical, he’s blunt, and he’s just so lovable. He bonds with the kids in the classroom by telling them something most adults never will —- the truth. He forms a band for purely selfish reasons, because he doesn’t know how to teach anything else, but it ends up being the best thing that ever happens to the kids. 

Teaches Kids How To Be Confident

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Along the way, his interactions with Cusack’s character are hysterical in their dry wit, his traded barbs with Silverman are classic, and his refusal to give up on his dreams is inspiring. But it’s the work he does with these children, with various personalities and quirks, that paves the way for the future roles we would come to know and love him for. 

Off-Color But Fun For The Whole Family

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To watch Jack Black now in films like Goosebumps, The House With the Clock in Its Walls, or Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, you can see where you got his real start in School of Rock with this kind of off-color but still kid-friendly humor. It’s his favorite film, and it has to be everyone’s favorite Jack Black film. You can stream it now through Paramount+ on Amazon Prime