Zoe Saldana Is Making Yet Another Movie You’re Going To Love

Zoe Saldana is reuniting with the Russo Brothers for a new survival film titled The Bluff.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

zoe saldana gamora guardians of the galaxy

Somewhere along the way, Zoe Saldana became nothing less than a genre queen. After all, she has headlined Star Trek and Avatar, and the popularity of her Gamora character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe helped transform her into one of the hottest actors around. Now, Deadline reports that Saldana is reuniting with the Russo Brothers (directors of many Marvel projects, including the excellent Avengers: Endgame) for The Bluff, a new survival film.

For Zoe Saldana, the goal seems simple: when a creator is able to deliver killer movies that audiences love, it’s always good to jump into future projects that the creator is involved with. This is presumably why she stuck around the rebooted Star Trek movies after J.J. Abrams made the 2009 Star Trek film into a hit with audiences, and she was eager to return to the world of Avatar once director James Cameron gave her a call. Since the Russo Brothers are such a known quantity when it comes to high-quality MCU movies, it makes sense she would work with them to create something cool outside of that familiar Marvel universe.

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However, it’s worth noting that the Russo Brothers won’t be directing this latest Zoe Saldana film and are instead producing it via their AGBO Productions company. This is the same production company that helped bring Everything Everywhere All At Once to life, so we have very high hopes for The Bluff. And we also have high hopes because of how personally committed the film’s director, Frank E. Flowers, is to this project.

The Bluff is a movie that takes place in the Caribbean, which is where both Flowers and Zoe Saldana are originally from. Interestingly, both of them worked together before on another Caribbean-set film called Haven in 2004, a movie in which Flowers was a producer and Saldana was one of the stars. Together, Flowers is hoping they can use both their creative skills and their knowledge of the area to “blend culture and authenticity” in order to make the kind of “film that audiences have never seen before.”

So far, Zoe Saldana is the only actor confirmed for The Bluff, and she will serve as one of the film’s producers. Meanwhile, Flowers is helping to write the script along with Joe Ballarini. Most story details are still under wraps, but we know that it is a 19th-century tale in which Saldana plays a former pirate who must protect her island and her family from bloodthirsty buccaneers.

Ironically enough, we can only imagine that filming this movie makes Zoe Saldana feel as if her career has come full circle. Back in 2003, she starred in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie as a feisty fellow pirate who didn’t take any guff from Johnny Depp’s legendary Jack Sparrow character. Now that Saldana gets a chance to be the headlining pirate of her own film, we’re really hyped to see what she brings to the table.

And while some Marvel fans may be sad that the Russo Brothers aren’t serving as the directors of The Bluff, that might ultimately be for the best. The last time these two got behind the camera, they created The Gray Man for Netflix, a kind of middling action film that feels like an echo of much better movies. With The Bluff, we’re confident that fellow Caribbean native Frank E. Flowers will deliver Zoe Saldana the hit solo movie that is long, long overdue for her career.