Yu Yu Hakusho Netflix Trailer Delivers Anime Action Awesomeness

By TeeJay Small | Published

When Netflix first announced the production of a live-action adaptation of the hit Shōnen Jump manga Yu Yu Hakusho, fans awaited further details with anxious trepidation. The streamer has a spotty record with live-action adaptations of anime and manga series, especially in the wake of such critical failures as 2017’s Death Note and 2021’s Cowboy Bebop.

Netflix has a live-action adaptation of the popular anime Yu Yu Hakusho

However, fans seem to be coming around to the idea now that Netflix has shared the first look trailer to the upcoming Yu Yu Hakusho adaptation, with plenty of action-packed moments that appear to bring the greatest moments in the manga to life.

Check out the Yu Yu Hakusho trailer from Netflix.

The adaptation of Yu Yu Hakusho looks to be drawing a great deal of inspiration from Netflix’s last successful live-action adaptation, One Piece.

Though many fans were quite anxious when it was first announced that the legendary series would be getting the Netflix treatment, the streamer managed to blow audiences away with a faithful and highly serviceable outing which has already left fans clamoring for more seasons. With any luck, the upcoming Yu Yu Hakusho series will have the same fanfare.

The trailer for Yu Yu Hakusho serves as a culmination of several short teasers and posters that Netflix has been sharing on their official social media accounts for several weeks leading up to the promotional event.

Half million views already of the Yu Yu Hakusho trailer

With only four days since the upload at the time of this writing, the brief trailer has received nearly half a million views, signaling massive numbers for the show itself when it finally premieres on December 14.

yu yu hakusho

In the Yu Yu Hakusho trailer, fans are treated to stunning special effects, high-octane fights, and depictions of monsters which rival that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The special effects for the series were done by the studio Robot Communications, the very same studio responsible for such recent hits as Godzilla Minus One and Alice In Borderland.

Reps from the illustrious studio shared the trailer on social media with supportive captions, excited for fans to take in the scope of their hard work when the series finally arrives.

The Yu Yu Hakusho manga was originally written by Yoshihiro Togashi

The Yu Yu Hakusho manga was originally written by Yoshihiro Togashi, best known for his work on the Hunter x Hunter series. First published as a Weekly Shōnen Jump series, the manga ran 175 chapters in 19 volumes, from December 1990 until July 1994.

This leaves Netflix with plenty of material to draw from, though it remains unclear at this time whether the streamer will be adapting the series one volume at a time, or blending the volumes to composite a truncated version of the series.

Either way, the first trailer for Yu Yu Hakusho has instilled a great deal of hope within anime fans worldwide, who will surely be tuning in on December 14 to catch the long-awaited series.

If the series does perform well, this will likely be all the proof Netflix needs to solidify its ongoing growth within the anime and anime adaptation market, inviting the streamer to green-light adaptations for a wide array of popular comics.