Marvel Needs To Revive One Netflix Villain For The MCU

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

While the show has had to be almost completely rehauled (complete with ditching its original head writers), Daredevil: Born Again will soon do something fans have been clamoring for. It’s bringing backsome of the fan-favorite characters from Netflix’s Marvel shows back into the MCU fold.

That includes series mainstays like Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, and a leaked set photo has fans speculating that the show will also bring back Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones. Whether her down-and-dirty detective appears again or not, though, Marvel most certainly needs to bring back her nemesis, David Tennant’s Kilgrave, so that the MCU can finally have a scary villain again.

Recent Marvel Villains Have Been Major Let Downs

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Some fans may not think David Tennant needs to return for Marvel to have a proper Big Bad again, but to them, we have a simple question: have you been paying attention to the MCU’s downward spiral? While the High Evolutionary was appropriately creepy, this has been a year of squandered bad guys.Secret Invasion’s Skrulls proved a boring letdown, and Quantamania turned great comic villain MODOK into a CGI punchline. Meanwhile, Kang had a strong start, but the rumors about Jonathan Majors and his ongoing trial for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend mean that Marvel may imitate the TVA and simply prune his character from future series and movies.

David Tennant’s Terrifying Kilgrave In Jessica Jones

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In short, the current MCU has no villains that can pose a threat to our heroes and send chills down audiences’ spines, and that’s why David Tennant needs to return. In Jessica Jones, his Kilgrave character quickly became the creepiest bad guy in televised Marvel history because he very nearly has all the telepathic power of Charles Xavier and none of the morals.

He has used his powers to rape Jessica Jones and others, forced characters to kill themselves, and taken an entire police station hostage with nothing but verbal commands.

Kilgrave Could Be The MCU’s Next Big Bad

Obviously, David Tennant’s character isn’t a great guy: in many ways, he’s the scariest character Marvel has ever put onscreen, and his ugly actions are perfectly juxtaposed with the fact that he is played by Doctor Who pretty boy Tennant. Why, then, do we want the MCU to bring this character back to life? In addition to us wanting to see more of Tennant’s captivatingly creepy performance as Kilgrave, this is a character who, if used right, could pose as much danger to the Avengers and other heroes as Thanos or Kang the Conqueror ever did.

Kilgrave’s Powers

It’s not that David Tennant’s Kilgrave has the power to change reality with the Infinity Stones or even alter the timeline like Marvel’s new Big Bad Kang. However, the fact that he can whisper a single command into someone’s ear and force them to obey makes him a chilling threat to both our favorite characters and everyone around them.

The possibilities are endless: he could order Spider-Man to kill every police officer he sees or command Captain Marvel to level the White House…for that matter, he could potentially control enough government officials to launch nuclear missiles at the homes of every single Avenger, killing our heroes and millions of people in the process.

How Likely Are We To See David Tennant In The MCU?

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We’re pretty confident that David Tennant would return to the Marvel fold if given the opportunity. After all, he is currently killing it with his return to Doctor Who after being mostly gone for 13 years. And not that long ago, he was stealing every scene in the second season of Good Omens nearly half a decade after the first season seemingly completed his character’s story.

Kilgrave returning wouldn’t even be unprecedented, considering that Kingpin is about to return in Daredevil: Born Again after we saw him seemingly die in the Hawkeye series. 

Add it all up and the conclusion is clear: if Marvel truly wants to have a scary villain again, it’s time for Kilgrave to haunt our screens once again. If Kevin Feige doesn’t agree, let’s just hope someone charismatically captivating (and maybe wearing a purple suit) helps change his mind.