Will Smith Is Going To Fight The Crow

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

The movies are indeed back. Why? In an unexpected showdown harkening back to the box office battles of yore, Hollywood is bracing itself for a unique face-off between Will Smith and the Crow—and by that, we mean the much-anticipated Bad Boys 4, starring Smith and Martin Lawrence and The Crow reboot featuring Bill Skarsgard.

The Crow‘s release date was recently moved up to June 7, 2024. Now Bad Boys 4 has also moved its debut from June 14 to June 7. 

Sony Goes Toe To Toe With Lionsgate

will smith bad boys 4

When two major cinematic releases vie for dominance over the same opening weekend, fireworks are a certainty in the box office arena. But what’s behind this spicy face-off?

Major studio machinations, of course. Sony Pictures, the studio behind Will Smith’s upcoming Bad Boys installment, pulled up its release date to directly compete with Lionsgate’s The Crow. 

Ballerina Delayed

john wick

Sony’s decision by no means took place in a vacuum; it arrived hot on the heels of Lionsgate declaring their reboot starring Skarsgård would be occupying the coveted June 7 slot initially reserved for the John Wick franchise spin-off, Ballerina. 

That latter film, however, was delayed in light of extensive reshoots deployed to safeguard and improve the franchise’s legacy.

Sony Expects Bad Boys 4 To Be A Summer Blockbuster Hit

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The standoff between the major studios highlights the enormous gambit by Sony. The studio is betting big on the already demonstrated track record of the Bad Boys franchise. Their gamble is understandable. The series, in addition to inadvertently leading to a great meme, has garnered nearly a billion dollars in global revenue across its previous three installments. 

Will Smith’s showdown with The Crow implies Sony thinks their modern brand will outperform the superhero reboot, which, while steeped in top-shelf cult status, nonetheless enters a modern market with fresh faces. Clearly, Sony executives believe their charismatic leads, alongside the neverending appeal of the buddy-cop formula, will win the day. 

Bad Boys 4

While it should be a spectacle, Bad Boys 4 remains a working title, though plans exist for an IMAX release and other premium screen showings. Helping out their cause, the film will be directed by the duo behind the prior title, Bad Boys for Life, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. Along with a screenplay by Chris Bremmer, the movie will again enjoy the services of its star producers, Jerry Bruckheimer among them. 

With another major producer being Will Smith himself, The Crow may have to really deliver to command crowds on June 7. 

More Than A Coincidence

Fans of the buddy-cop franchise, beloved for blending compelling action with crowd-pleasing comedy, are still in the dark about the exact plot points. Many suspect the narrative will continue deepening the dynamic between Mike and Marcus and personal story arcs like Mike’s efforts to reconcile with his estranged son. 

Ultimately, the decision to pit Will Smith against The Crow on the same summer weekend amounts to more than a scheduling coincidence. Indeed, it testifies to the intensely competitive nature of the film industry.