Will Ferrell Is At His Funniest In This Buddy Comedy On Streaming

By Steven Nelson | Published

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Prepare to unleash uproarious laughter as we dive into the comedic world of Will Ferrell in Get Hard, a hilarious and outlandish film that’s currently streaming on Max. Known for his distinctive brand of humor, Ferrell delivers his signature comedic style in this riotous comedy, offering viewers a sidesplitting escape from the mundane.

In Get Hard, the plot takes us on a comically absurd journey as we follow the misadventures of James King (Will Ferrell), a successful businessman who’s suddenly thrust into a world of legal trouble. Accused of white-collar crime, King is sentenced to prison, a prospect that utterly terrifies him. 

Will Ferrell plays James Kings, a successful businessman accused of white-collar crime who employs Kevin Hart’s Darnell Lewis as his prison coach.

Enter Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart), a hardworking small business owner who becomes King’s unlikely “prison coach.” The catch? Darnell has never been to prison, but James wrongly assumes that because he’s Black, he must be an expert on the subject.

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Will Ferrell as James embarks on his misguided quest to toughen up for life behind bars, and the duo engages in a series of ludicrous training sessions. From practicing “prison faces” to perfecting shiv-making techniques, their antics become increasingly outrageous and hilarious.

Meanwhile, the film explores themes of stereotypes, privilege, and societal perceptions as James confronts his own preconceived notions about prison life.

In addition to Will Ferrell, Get Hard also boasts a supporting cast that adds to the comedic chaos. Alison Brie plays James’s fiancée, Alissa, who’s far from innocent herself. James is convinced that his prison stint will ruin his relationship, but as the plot unravels, it becomes clear that their dynamic is more complicated than meets the eye. 

Craig T. Nelson shines as Martin, James’s boss and mentor who leaves him in this precarious situation. And of course, Kevin Hart’s portrayal of Darnell, with his fast-talking charisma and excellent comedic timing, provides the perfect foil to Ferrell’s antics.

Get Hard received mixed reviews from both critics and audiences. While the film’s premise had the potential for hilarity, it didn’t quite hit the mark for everyone. Critics pointed out that the movie’s humor occasionally relied on crude stereotypes and fell into predictable comedic patterns. 

The chemistry between Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart was acknowledged as a highlight, but even their dynamic couldn’t entirely salvage some of the script’s shortcomings.

In terms of box office performance, Get Hard managed to make a decent dent at the box office, grossing around $111 million worldwide against its budget of approximately $40 million. While the financial numbers weren’t jaw-dropping, they were respectable enough, showcasing that the pairing of Ferrell and Hart still held some appeal to audiences.

Will Ferrell’s Upcoming Movies

Will Ferrell has been a staple in the comedy world going on decades now, a remarkable run for one of the funniest guys to ever come along. And he’s even part of one of the biggest blockbusters going right now, having taken on the role of the Mattel CEO in the billion-dollar Barbie runaway hit. It was a bit of an easy lift for Ferrell who’s played this type of role a number of times. But it’s also tough to picture anyone else doing it.

He has a number of other movies in the works as well, all of which are in pre-production because of the ongoing writers and actors strikes. There’s the rumor that he could play John Madden in a biopic about the famed coach and announcer. Plus, he’s working on Boy Band with Ryan Reynolds

Other Will Ferrell possible productions include The Prince of Fashion with director Gus Van Sant. And then there is The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared. The dude continues to be one of the most prolific around, a testament to just how much fun he is to work with.

And again, this is very much on display in Get Hard with Kevin Hart. It’s worth checking out the movie streaming on Max and if you are a Will Ferrell fan then all the better. Because he’s his typical hilarious self here.