Wesley Snipes Returns In Intense Trailer For Netflix’s True Story

Wesley Snipes is as intense as ever in True Story. See the trailer here.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes have teamed up for a unique new limited series on Netflix. Wesley Snipes will be playing Kevin Hart’s troublemaker older brother. Hart is playing a comedian just rising to success as The Kid. The new project looks intense and full of drama in its new trailer.

Check out the True Story trailer with Wesley Snipes and Kevin Hart below:


The limited series will have seven episodes. Audiences will be able to stream them on Netflix starting November 24, 2021. Most of what is known about the series can be seen in the trailer. Kevin Hart’s character as The Kid seems to be inspired by his own career. He plays an ultra-successful comedian. However, from what’s shown in the trailer, his persona seems less like the comedic characters we’ve seen him play in the past in movies like Jumanji or Central Intelligence. Instead, he is joined by Wesley Snipes and the pair are leaning toward the dramatic, an area that the Blade star is familiar with.

Wesley Snipes plays Carlton. He appears to still live in their hometown of Philadelphia when Kevin Hart stops in during a comedy tour and gets sucked into whatever trouble Snipes is in. The trailer for True Story doesn’t detail what kind of trouble Wesley Snipes’s older-brother character has gotten them into, but it does seem clear that the pair will be struggling to keep The Kid’s reputation safe.

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It also seems like more dire consequences may also be coming into play, considering how frightened Wesley Snipes and Kevin Hart’s characters appear to be in the trailer. While the title suggests that True Story is non-fiction, the behind-the-scenes details don’t suggest that’s entirely factual. The story has been executive produced by Eric Newman, the showrunner for Narcos and Narcos: Mexico. Fans of those series may get a feel for the tone from those shows in the trailer for True Story.

Kevin Hart has built his career as a comedian, but has been shifting into more dramatic roles as of late. True Story appears to be an interesting compromise since his character will be a comedian. Fatherhood, also on Netflix, was his other recent dramatic venture. That project was met with mixed reviews. Wesley Snipes is an interesting actor for this team-up project, since he has a history in serious roles, action films, and comedies, like his recent role in Coming 2 America with Eddie Murphy.

Wesley Snipes is perhaps most well known for his Blade role. Occasionally, fans will credit Blade for saving Marvel at a tough time for the studio before the modern Marvel Cinematic Universe was born. Today, the franchise is about to see a reboot. Fans are hopeful that Wesley Snipes will be making a reappearance and be just as awesome as ever when he becomes an official part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hopefully, that will get worked out, but even beyond Blade, Wesley Snipes is proving that he can take on new roles as he continues his long acting career.