Wayne Brady Car Accident Leads To Fight With Driver

By Douglas Helm | Published

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Wayne Brady did not have the best day recently. According to TMZ, the actor and comedian was in a car accident on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. While a car accident is stressful enough, the confrontation between Brady and the driver started out with a heated verbal exchange, which then turned physical.

The other driver took off and was subsequently arrested on charges of battery, DUI, and hit-and-run after he was tracked down by authorities.

Accident Sunday Night

TMZ’s law enforcement sources recounted the incident, which occurred on Sunday night. Apparently, Wayne Brady’s vehicle was struck by another car.

The two drivers then pulled over before the situation escalated both verbally and physically. Brady dialed 911 to report the incident after the altercation occurred and the other man fled the scene.

No Serious Injuries

Wayne Brady is known as one of the friendliest and most amiable personalities in Hollywood, so this is certainly an unexpected story.

Fortunately, Brady did not sustain any serious injuries from the accident or the altercation, as he only reported some soreness and being a bit banged up.

Although the fire department responded to the scene, Brady did not have to be taken to the hospital either.

Wayne Brady Taking It Easy

In the meantime, sources close to Wayne Brady reported to TMZ that the actor will be taking it easy. This is good because Brady has plenty on his plate, not the least of which is the upcoming TV series that he’s working on for Hulu.

The series has an eight-episode order and is an unscripted series that will focus on Brady and his family.

The currently untitled series will take a closer look at Wayne Brady’s life as he co-parents his 20-year-old daughter, Maile Brady, alongside his ex-wife and business partner, Mandie Taketa.

Wayne Brady’s Production Company

Brady and Taketa also run the production company A Wayne & Mandie Creative, which Taketa’s partner Jason Fordham is also involved in. The show is set to give viewers more insight into Brady’s blended and unconventional family dynamic.

Wayne Brady and Taketa’s production company will produce the series, and Brady is also on as an executive producer. In the meantime, Brady continues to host the reality game show Let’s Make a Deal and works as an executive producer on the latest iteration of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, where Brady is still regularly featured as a performer.

Series Up In The Air?

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Right now, the future of the series is up in the air, but hopefully, the performers will decide to come back for more of the beloved improv series.

Of course, if you can’t get enough of Wayne Brady’s genius improv comedy skills, you can also check out his recent appearance on the game show Make Some Noise. Make Some Noise is a sort of improv game show where the rules are pretty loose, and the contestants are put on the spot to improv and generate some laughs.

What’s Coming

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Of course, this is well within Brady’s wheelhouse, and his appearance is particularly good.

Wayne Brady also recently appeared in the film Self Reliance. Self Reliance was directed by Jake Johnson, who also co-stars in the film with Anna Kendrick and Andy Samberg.

The exact Hulu release for the film hasn’t been announced, but you can expect to see it soon.