Vin Diesel’s F9 Has Hit An Incredible Milestone

Vin Diesel has done it again.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

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Even though the Vin Diesel starrer F9: The Fast Saga isn’t exactly a favorite of the critics and has been panned for being too over the top, the film has set many pandemic box office records. And its several milestones now include another big achievement- the ninth film in the Fast & Furious franchise (excluding Hobbs & Shaw) is now the second highest-grossing film of 2021 and has hit the $700 million mark at the worldwide box office! Looks like viewers are digging Dominic and the team’s recent foray into space. 

As reported by Deadline, Universal laid down the gross earning of F9 during its CinemaCon presentation and celebrated the milestone of the film crossing the $700 million mark at the box office, which makes the Vin Diesel starrer the only feature by a major motion-pictures studio in Hollywood to have achieved the feat since the pandemic disrupted the world of cinema in 2020. As per the reports, F9 has earned $172.6 million in the United States and Canada as well as $528 million in other territories, which brings its gross earnings till now to $700.6 million.

Deadline has revealed that the biggest contribution to F9’s impressive box office earnings has been by China where the return of Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto topped the box office for four weeks in the country and earned $203.9 million. China is not the only country where the film topped as F9 opened at No. 1 in all the 65 foreign markets it released in, aced the international box office for five weeks, and consistently remained No. 1 in the US and Canada for two weeks. Universal has revealed that the countries where F9 has grossed the highest after China are Mexico- $26 million, Japan- $25M, UK- $22.6M, Germany- $20.7M, South Korea- $19.3M, Russia- $18M, France- $16.3M, Australia- $15.5M, Brazil- $13.6M, and Spain- $11M.

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Overall, all the Fast & Furious films, including the spin-offs, have grossed over $6 billion worldwide, and yet, it has been decided that the main storyline of Vin Diesel’s Dominic and his crew members will come to an end in the upcoming tenth and the eleventh film in the series. Recently F9 director Justin Lin and Vin Diesel revealed what led to the decision to conclude the billion dollars earning branch of the franchise. 

Vin Diesel explained that all good things eventually come to an end and the Fast & Furious franchise, which was “born from the pavement, from the concrete,” has a “soul” that needs to rest now after telling its story for almost two decades. As Justin Lin disclosed, the step of ending the Fast & Furious franchise was taken by him and Diesel together. But they will ensure that the next two films in the series will provide a satisfactory conclusion to the stories of every character that is part of the franchise. 

It was recently shared by Vin Diesel that the filming of F10 Part one and Part two will be done back to back and will begin in January 2022. For now, the first part of the final film is scheduled to debut across theaters on April 7, 2023.