See Timothee Chalamet Beg Apple For A Role

Timothee Chalamet stars in a self-deprecating ad for Apple TV, wondering what he has to do in order to get a part on the streaming service.

By TeeJay Small | Published

Timothee Chalamet

As one of Hollywood’s biggest stars right now, Timothee Chalamet hasn’t auditioned for any roles in over 7 years. The roles simply come to him due to his significant demand and industry connections, as revealed by Chalamet’s agent earlier this month in a report from Buzzfeed News. However, according to a new Youtube ad for Apple TV+, that could soon change.

In the advertisement, Timothee Chalamet finds himself begging for a role on the streaming service, while contemplating what he would do to land the gig. In a spiritual sequel to the Jon Hamm advertisements Apple TV+ ran throughout 2022, which saw Hamm feeling the same exclusion, Timothee Chalamet finds himself wondering aloud, what does one have to do to get a call from an Apple TV+ producer? Chalamet humorously finds himself envious of stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez, and Jason Sudeikis for their success working with the streamer.

Chalamet contemplates aloud, “I was in two best picture nominees last year” partially as a humble-brag, partially as a form of self assurance, and partially as a thinly veiled question, why won’t Tim Cook call me on his iPhone? As the most in demand actor of the moment, appearing in leading roles for esteemed directors such as Denis Villeneuve, Wes Anderson, and Christopher Nolan, what, Timothee Chalamet seems to be saying, is preventing Ben Stiller, Martin Scorsese, or Bill Lawrence from asking me to star in one of their projects?

The ad concludes with an exasperated Timothee Chalamet laying in bed, defeated, and asking, nay, begging, Apple to give him a call. The ad is incredibly funny, and serves to prove one of Chalamet’s arguments, “I could do comedy” as a true statement. At the time of this writing, the ad has only been live on Apple TV’s official Youtube channel for 8 hours, and has already amassed over 100,000 views. Those numbers may not seem staggering at first, but ask yourself, how many advertisements have you gone out of your way to watch lately?

timothee chalamet dune 2
Timothee Chalamet in Dune

With Apple TV+ ads serving as sketch comedy material more than basic promotions, it puts the streaming service in a lane of its own, and with original programming such as Severance, Killers of the Flower Moon, and Black Bird, the art of auteur filmmaking is alive and thriving on the platform. Whether they bag a Timothee Chalamet leading performance should really be on them, and the executives pulling the strings at the service seem to understand that by placing him front and center in this ad. Perhaps the advertisement also serves as a precursor to such a role existing, granting Chalamet’s wish in the real world.

The initial story of Timothee Chalamet not needing to audition for over 7 years sparked a host of discourse surrounding Hollywood privilege and nepotism, but it seems that this video displays Chalamet’s ability to poke fun at himself regardless of the industry consensus on the issue. After all, how many leading men in the industry are expected to audition alongside unnamed actors searching for their big break? Chalamet may have gotten his early start through industry connections within his family, but small performances like this one prove that his charisma and charm would serve him well in the industry regardless.