Only Murders In The Building Just Cast The World’s Greatest Actress

Only Murders in the Building has added Meryl Streep to the cast in a surprise announcement made today on social media.

By Jennifer Asencio | Published

There is a new resident in Only Murders in the Building and it is none other than superstar Meryl Streep. Deadline reported about a tweet from series star Selena Gomez that announced the news in a short video that featured co-stars Steve Martin, Martin Short, Paul Rudd, and Andrea Martin. The video is from the set of the Hulu series as the cast prepares to shoot the third season.

Only Murders in the Building has featured an ensemble cast for both of its acclaimed seasons, including Tina Fey, Nathan Lane, Sting, and Shirley MacLaine; so the inclusion of Meryl Streep is in keeping with high casting standards. The comedy-drama about a group of three amateur sleuths in a wealthy apartment building as they podcast their exploits solving the eponymous murder has earned numerous accolades and awards for both its production and its guest stars. Having one of the greatest living actresses bring the excellence of 21 Oscar nominations to a show that is already great is exciting for its fans because it means the show is willing to keep the stakes high.

The show follows Charles, Oliver, and Mabel, three residents at the upscale Arconia, where many of the residents enjoy some degree of celebrity or privileged status. All three are true crime fans who indulge in their hobby when a murder is committed in the building and start a podcast together documenting their investigation of the crime. In season 2, the stakes are raised when they are accused of committing a second murder, but details about the plot of season 3 of Only Murders in the Building haven’t been released beyond the casting of Meryl Streep.

The announcement made today on star Selena Gomez’s Twitter was a surprise since the show was greenlit for a third season back in July 2022. A testament to the show’s quality and popularity is that the second season wouldn’t end until a month after the third season was approved, showing that Hulu already had faith in the second season before it was over. The fact that Only Murders in the Building can attract a star of the caliber of Meryl Streep is another feather in its cap, as well as a great acquisition for the Disney-owned streamer.

Andrea Martin was also featured in the Only Murders in the Building announcement about Meryl Streep. The Evil actress has appeared in two episodes of the show, where she plays Joy, the former hairstylist of the television show Charles once starred in. Will Joy be getting more screen time also, since she was featured so prominently in Selena Gomez’s video?

Filming for the third season was already set to begin this month, and it looks like the cast of Only Murders in the Building has reported for duty, along with newest cast member Meryl Streep. Based on the production schedule for the other two seasons it is reasonable to expect that fans can start looking for the third season in the late summer. Catch up or introduce yourself to the show on Hulu, where the first two seasons are streaming.