The Sci-Fi Action Classic Streaming On Netflix That Is Finally Getting A Reboot

By Steven Nelson | Updated

the one

Prepare to dive back into the multiverse of action with Jet Li’s electrifying performance in The One. This sci-fi thriller, now streaming on Netflix, showcases Li at his martial arts best, battling across parallel universes in a heart-pounding race against time and himself.

And for those hungry for more interdimensional action, there’s exciting news on the horizon: a reboot of this adrenaline-pumping tale is in the works, helmed by none other than Justin Lin, the mastermind behind some of the most thrilling cinematic spectacles of recent times. It’s a thrilling time to revisit the original before the next chapter unfolds!

The One, starring Jet Li and Jason Statham is streaming on Netflix

In The One, Jet Li plays dual roles as Gabriel Yulaw and Gabe Law. The film delves into the intriguing concept of a multiverse, suggesting that there exist multiple parallel universes, each hosting a different version of every individual.

the one

Gabriel Yulaw is a former officer from the Multiverse Authority, an agency responsible for monitoring inter-universe travel. Yulaw has gone rogue and harbors a nefarious goal: to hunt down and eliminate each of his alternate universe counterparts.

With each version he kills, he gains the defeated version’s strength, speed, and intelligence. He believes that by becoming the last remaining version of himself – “The One” – he will acquire god-like power.

Gabe Law, living in our universe, is oblivious to the existence of other versions of himself and the Multiverse Authority. As Yulaw closes in on him, Gabe’s life is thrown into chaos. Suddenly, he finds himself accused of crimes he hasn’t committed and facing seemingly inexplicable occurrences, such as newfound abilities and feats of strength he can’t explain.

While Yulaw pursues his sinister mission, two Multiverse Authority agents, Roedecker (Delroy Lindo) and Funsch (Jason Statham), are hot on his trail, aiming to stop his rampage and bring him to justice.

the one

The narrative culminates in a climactic battle between Yulaw and Gabe, with both seeking survival and dominance in a universe not big enough for the two of them. The film artfully combines martial arts choreography, sci-fi elements, and a philosophical exploration of destiny and identity, all centered around Jet Li’s powerful performance.

Giant Freakin Robot’s exclusive sources say Sony is rebooting The One, with director Justin Lin at the helm

And now, according to Giant Freakin Robot’s exclusive sources, Sony is rebooting The One, with director Justin Lin, known for Star Trek Beyond, at the helm. This ambitious project is backed by a substantial budget of $200 million.

Despite its innovative concept, The One wasn’t a significant success during its initial release, both in terms of box office performance and critical reception. However, the ongoing popularity of multiverse themes in pop culture, evidenced by the massive success of movies like Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, has likely inspired Sony to revisit and reimagine this property. 

The original film was a noteworthy endeavor as it marked an early Western leading role for Jet Li and was the first collaboration between Li and Jason Statham. At this point, details regarding the cast of the reboot are still under wraps. But this could prove to be a massive reset for what could be a popular ongoing franchise. 

Bringing back Jason Statham for the reboot of The One would be a masterstroke. His initial collaboration with Jet Li in the original film was one of the memorable elements that fans cherished.

Considering Statham’s ascent in Hollywood since then, his return would not only offer a nostalgic nod to the original but also promise heightened action sequences and an intriguing dynamic. Pairing Statham’s undeniable star power with the fresh vision of Justin Lin could elevate the reboot to new cinematic heights.

The One on Netflix offers a unique blend of multiverse sci-fi and martial arts, allowing audiences to revisit Jet Li’s dual performance in this early 2000s gem. As we immerse ourselves in the complexities of its parallel realities, the anticipation for Justin Lin’s reboot grows.

With the film industry’s current fascination with multiverses and the potential return of familiar faces like Jason Statham, this upcoming revival promises to introduce a fresh take on a concept that was ahead of its time. Dive into the original now on Netflix, and gear up for a modern reinterpretation that’s set to redefine the multiverse genre.