See The Muppets Take Over Quentin Tarantino’s Most Violent Film

A fanartist is keeping The Muppets community alive with amazing Kill Bill mashup art.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated


Like many film lovers, we were sad to hear that Quentin Tarantino was planning to retire from filmmaking after his next feature. Over the years, his movies helped make Samuel L. Jackson into a household name with Pulp Fiction, and he has shown us a side of actors like Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio that we never thought we’d see in Django Unchained. And now that the veteran director plans to retire from Hollywood films, one artist has decided to show us what it would look like if Jim Henson’s Muppets were the real stars of Kill Bill.

Part of what makes this mashup of the Muppets and Kill Bill so compelling is how vivid the art is. Artist Bruce McCorkindale used his immense talents to show us a very different version of Uma Thurman’s character, here played by Janice, taking on the Crazy 88 in one of cinema’s bloodiest battles. In the first Kill Bill movie, this fight was the bloody climax of the film, with so many limbs flying and blood spraying that it felt like the third act in an Evil Dead film.

Of course, there has always been something compelling about this scene because of how downright iconic it is. Long before this artist decided to show us the Muppets getting ready to fight, fans took this Kill Bill scene and made a number of funny edits to it. Some have gone viral over the years, including clips that replaced all of the swords with lightsabers from Star Wars (and before you ask, no…the lightsabers didn’t cauterize their wounds).

the muppets mayhem

As great as the art is, though, we think online fans are responding so positively to a Muppets crossover with Kill Bill because they are ready for another Muppets movie. The last real film we saw was Muppets Haunted Mansion, a Disney film that imagines what it would be like if your favorite Muppet characters had to spend a night in Disney’s titular haunted mansion. And while the latest Muppets television show (The Muppets Mayhem) dropped on Disney+ this week, we still want to see these guys back on the silver screen where they belong.

If you like the art of the Muppets in Kill Bill, be sure to follow the #MuppetMonday hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to see what other awesome artists are creating each week. Given the lack of official shows and movies lately, the community isn’t going to let the Muppets fade into obscurity, with the weekly hashtag bringing together talented fans to celebrate Jim Henson’s greatest creations.

While we don’t think we’ll ever get to see the Muppets and Kill Bill crossover, we can’t help but wonder what Quentin Tarantino would do with these lovable characters if he could. Previously, the legendary director indicated he planned to return to the world of directing television episodes (he directed two episodes of CSI back in 2005, and they were downright amazing). Maybe Disney could get him to direct a few episodes of The Muppets Mayhem, though if we get any scenes like the fight with the Crazy 88, Kermit might decide that being red is even harder than being green.