Did The Mandalorian Secretly Air A Major Swear Word?

The Mandalorian fans are debating if a recent episode featured an f-bomb.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

While George Lucas didn’t make his galaxy far, far away completely kid-friendly, he was always mindful of limiting the kinds of foul language that characters used. For example, Harrison Ford’s Han Solo is responsible for most of the swearing in the Original Trilogy, but this only amounted to him saying such mild words as “damn” and “hell.” On Disney+, Andor upped the ante by featuring the word “s***,” but now it looks like The Mandalorian might have gone as far as having a character say “m*****f*****.”

We say “might” because fans are torn over what was really said during the scene in this scene from the most recent episode of The Mandalorian. The moment occurs when Grogu (or “baby Yoda” as we all still call him) tries to give a fierce and smothering hug to a helpful Anzellan mechanic. The subtitles merely tell us that the character “SPEAKS ANZELLAN” at this moment, but the TikTok clip above makes an argument that the character is telling the other characters that he is heading out and away from Grogu’s affection in the most vulgar possible way: “I’m out, m*****f*****.”

As you might imagine, the debate over this quirky little scene is threatening to divide the Star Wars community. Some fans don’t want to believe that Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni would drop a somewhat hidden f-bomb into what is typically considered a very family-friendly show. Others argue that Favreau (who has written such raunchy movies as Swingers and Couples Retreat) would be quite likely to do that, and they further argue there would be no debate over what the character said if he had clearly cursed (after all, there was no effort to censor foul language in Andor).

mandalorian grogu

Other fans of The Mandalorian argue that, of all characters, it would make sense for this little Anzellan to drop the first f-bomb for the franchise. After all, he is a mechanic who is probably used to using very blunt language around his fellow gearheads, and his anger at Grogu’s aggressive affection might merit some serious profanity. And at least the moment was funny and memorable, unlike when Star Trek: Discovery dropped the first f-bomb for that franchise, and we all cringed so hard that we could have used a trip to sickbay.

If nothing else, it’s fun to speculate about how this bad language might have ended up in The Mandalorian or, frankly, anywhere else in the Star Wars universe. Here on Earth, the term “m*****f*****” first popped up in the 19th century, but it didn’t become common until popular musicians began using it. In Star Wars, can we thank musicians like those in the cantina band that Luke (who canonically play a style of music known as “jizz,” by the way) for helping spread this particular term throughout the galaxy?

We’ll likely never know, like we’ll likely never get an official confirmation that this episode of The Mandalorian featured the most intense foul language the franchise has ever seen. In retrospect, though, we can’t help but think they should have dropped this particular f-bomb back in the prequels. After all, if Star Wars included this hilarious line but somehow decided not to give it to Samuel L. Jackson’s Mace Windu, that would be a real m*****f***ing shame.

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