The Flash Arrowverse Finale Is Going To Be Massive

The Flash finale will be a four-part story ending The CW's Arrowverse.

By Phillip Moyer | Published

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The TV series The Flash, part of the broader Arrowverse franchise broadcast on the CW television network, will wrap up its final season on May 24 of this year. According to Collider, the finale of the nine-season series will be a massive four-episode affair that brings the entire multiverse-spanning series to a close — and with it, the last part of the DC franchise to be featured on the network. 

The first episode of the finale, titled “A New World, Part One,” aired on May 3. The finale starts off with Barry Allen being transported back in time to the day when Reverse Flash killed his mother, and it brings the character’s origin story full circle in a way that, oddly, brings closure to a defining moment that had previously haunted Barry for his entire life. However, this is only the beginning of The Flash‘s four-part finale, and the end of the episode hints that it’ll continue to delve into the series’ past as it brings the story to a close. 

This comes just one episode after Stephen Amell appeared in The Flash, reprising his role of Oliver Queen, which he played for 169 episodes in Arrow. Amell’s appearance was just one of many guest appearances in The Flash’s final season, and there are apparently still future appearances that will be made in the coming episodes.

stephen amell the flash
Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell in the Arrowverse

According to Collider, future episodes of The Flash series finale will revolve around Barry’s compatriots, who attempt to hunt down Barry after he mysteriously disappears from their time period. A plotline will also revolve around Eddie Thawne, a police detective who died in the series’ Season 1 finale.

Perhaps not-so-coincidentally, The Flash‘s time-traveling final arc will complete less than a month before the Ezra Miller film, also titled The Flash, will be released. The film, which will span multiple universes as The Flash attempts to save a world he seems to have doomed through his own actions, will essentially end the so-called Snyderverse and usher in the James Gunn era of the DC universe. With this timing, it appears that DC wants to make a clean break from its past in all forms.

While there have been rumors that cast members of The Flash in the Arrowverse would show up in the upcoming The Flash, with both series involving multiple universes and time travel, the possibility is definitely there. However, there has as of yet been no concrete proof that such a crossover is happening, so those rumors may very well be proven false when the much-delayed film finally releases.

Whether The Flash (the TV series) gets a well-earned sendoff in The Flash (the movie), the four-episode finale will likely do a fine job of giving the series a final farewell. The first episode of the finale has been very well-received by fans and critics alike, and if that’s a sign of things to come, longtime watchers will likely be satisfied by what the show has in store.