James Gunn Speaks About Controversial Ezra Miller Staying On As The Flash

James Gunn revealed they are going to "see what happens" when it comes to Ezra Miller staying on as The Flash.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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James Gunn has finally revealed the big DC Universe plans that he and co-CEO Peter Safran have been putting together. He announced that The Flash would be resetting the entire DCU, but when asked about Ezra Miller’s involvement moving forward, Gunn was a bit noncommittal. According to Gunn, “Let’s see what happens.”

The wait-and-see aspect of James Gunn’s response has everything to do with Ezra Miller’s recovery, as they have been actively seeking since last year. Gunn added, “Listen, Ezra is fully committed to their recovery right now, and we talk to them…We’re in constant contact, but when the time is right, we’ll have the conversation with them and decide what’s best for both them personally and also for us.” This could mean that Miller might be given another shot, but it also leaves the room to move forward with someone else taking on the role of The Flash.

James Gunn could be wanting to see how well The Flash is going to do before deciding if Ezra Miller is responsible for the movie seeing any kind of negative feedback. Gunn did come out and say the movie is “the best superhero movie” he has ever seen, so that is some high praise that could help Miller keep his role. However, there might be a ton of people wanting to boycott the movie because of Miller’s past behavior, which we would completely understand.

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Ezra Miller has been actively seeking treatment since August of last year when they met with DC brass to also apologize for all the negativity they brought towards The Flash movie. Variety also reported earlier this year that Warner Bros. and Miller were still actively working to ensure The Flash was going to be released without having to cut Miller and seek a replacement actor. Considering the movie is going to reset the DCU, we would also understand if James Gunn just wanted to move past Miller.

It appears that James Gunn’s plan is starting with The Flash, which is going to implement the Flashpoint Paradox storyline, which completely messes with the DC multiverse. That means that though Ezra Miller will be starring as Barry Allen, they could theoretically be replaced by another timeline version of Allen. So far, it appears that Gunn might not know what to do with Miller just yet.

Again, James Gunn might wait to see how audiences react to Ezra Miller leading the charge on the new DCU and go from there. Should the movie underperform, DC could easily just move on from Miller. If losing a franchise happened to Dwayne Johnson, it could certainly happen to Miller. As the saying goes, “money talks,” so should The Flash make a ton of money, Gunn might see more value in keeping Miller on for now.

We will certainly know more as James Gunn reveals more of this big DC reset, as he also stated the new “Gods and Monsters” chapter is only part of Chapter 1. That means the entire slate of releases has yet to be revealed. We could see more of a Marvel-like reveal in the next few months, with the entire series, movie, and video game plan laid out for the world to see.

Ezra Miller will get their shot at redemption when The Flash releases on June 16, 2023. There is a lot of hype for this movie, so we will all get to see if Miller’s performance is enough to keep them in the DCU.