Ted Just Broke An Important Streaming Record

By April Ryder | Published

What do a trash-talking teddy bear and the NFL Wild Card Playoff game have in common? The answer is Peacock. The streaming channel shelled out more than $100 million for exclusive rights to stream the recent Chiefs vs Dolphins playoff game, and the influx of interest in the platform was a win for Peacock’s newest streaming show Ted, which celebrated the biggest opening weekend ever for the streamer.

Ted Holds Peacock’s Record For Biggest Opening Debut

Ted 2 was released more than eight years ago, but it seems fans still have a soft spot for their favorite furry foul-mouth friend, Ted. Seth McFarlane and his raunchy teddy character are back in a brand new TV series simply titled, Ted, and the new show set a new record for having Peacock’s biggest three-day debut ever for an original series. 

While there is no solid data available at the moment, Ted’s new record means that the show did better in its first three days than other Peacock originals such as Twisted Metal, Bel-Air, Mrs. Davis, and Poker Face. Though the show is hilarious, its success likely has much to do with the preface of its release. 

Football Helps Ted

Seth McFarlane’s new series Ted clearly benefited from the subscription surge caused by the game only being available on Peacock. The people may have come to the channel to watch the Dolphins and the Chiefs go at it, but they will stay to see what Ted is going to get into next. 

Peacock released all seven episodes of the first season just two days before the presentation of the NFL Playoff game, presenting a natural path for football fans to move on to their next piece of streaming entertainment. It was a solid opportunity, really. 

Ted Is A Prequel To The Mark Wahlberg Movies

Ted is a hilarious prequel series set in the high school days of the lead character John Bennett. Instead of Mark Wahlberg, we get a younger Max Burkholder in the role. Seth McFarlane is still the voice of Ted, and the two characters are still the best of friends. 

Similar To Family Guy

family guy

The show plays out like a live-action version of Family Guy might go. It’s evident that McFarlane put his spin on the series. The transition music you hear in between scenes even leads your mind to envision the outside of Peter and Lois’s house. It’s comforting in a way. 

The First Season Is Streaming On Peacock

If you want to get your own eyes into the action and form an opinion of the new series for yourself, you can find the whole first season of Ted streaming on Peacock with a subscription to the channel. 

Source: TVLine