Superman’s Dad Calls Beyonce A Peeing Dog

By Christopher Isaac | Updated

  • Superman’s Dad does not like Beyonce’s latest work, comparing it to a urinating dog.
  • John Schneider, who played Jonathan Kent on Smallville, scrutinized Beyonce’s latest music.
  • The Smallville star is not a fan of Queen Bey’s foray into the country music genre.

If you are up on your latest music news, then you are probably aware that Beyonce has marked a bold shift with her music by dipping her toes into the country music genre. It is a surprising yet exciting change of pace for such a household name to make this deep into her career. However, the move has not been without its critics, including one that may surprise you: John Schneider, who many comic fans know best as Superman’s dad from his time on Smallville.

John Schneider Compares Queen Bey To A Urinating Dog

To say Schneider is not a fan of Beyonce’s shift in genres would be an understatement. To be exact, he compared Beyonce getting into country music to a dog urinating on a tree. He essentially views her as an unwelcome guest trying to hop on a trendy twist in music.

If it is any consolation to Beyonce fans, John Schneider did not single her out alone. He fully elaborated on his thoughts in a segment for One American News Network, a conservative-leaning station. Schneider made it clear that his bigger grievance is specifically with liberal celebrities, in general, trying to branch out from their typical music genres and get into country music. He described the celebrities doing this as people looking to “make their mark just like a dog.”

John Schneider As A Country Music Star

To be fair, John Schneider does have a bit of expertise in the genre. Prior to playing Superman’s father and the many other acting roles he has had over the years, Schneider himself was a country musician in the ‘80s who did well for himself. So when he sees musicians like Beyonce and Lil Nas X dabbling in country, he may feel they are not as dedicated to the genre as those who made their name in it from the start.

Beyonce Dips Her Feet Into The Genre


Despite John Schneider’s opinions, Beyonce certainly seems to be giving country music an earnest shot. In the last two weeks, she has put out the singles “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages,” which have both her usual fans and the country world talking. These two songs are part of her latest album, Act II, which will be released on March 29. It is expected the entire album will be country music.

Not Her First Rodeo


This is not Beyonce’s first time dipping her toes into the genre either, as she previously released the country song “Daddy Lessons” on her 2016 album Lemonade. And with country music tracing so much of its roots back to African-American culture, many of her fans feel that John Schneider is completely off base to try and gate keep a black woman out of the genre.

However, Beyonce’ faced plenty of scrutiny from conservative critics for Lemonade’s themes of criticizing police brutality and racial profiling as well, so she does not seem like one to shy away from topics that will cause others to have strong opinions.

Beyonce Makes History


Regardless of what people like John Schneider think, Beyonce has now become the first black woman with a number one country song on Billboard courtesy of “Texas Hold ‘Em.” Schneider’s analogy of a dog urinating referred to how he thought she was just looking to make her mark. While his crude metaphor might not be popular with fans, Beyoncé has undeniably left a mark on the country genre.