Warner Bros. Have Made A Decision About The Supergirl Movie

What's the future of a solo Supergirl movie for DC?

By Faith McKay | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old


Recently, news arrived that DC wasn’t moving forward with several of their expected projects, including New Gods and The Trench. However, a rumored project is reportedly still happening. Previously, we knew that Sasha Calle was cast as Supergirl for The Flash movie. It’s been rumored that the actress will also be playing the role in a Supergirl movie at some point. After the recent cancellations, it cast some doubt on whether DC would move forward with some of these projects. Clearly, they decided to clear room on their slate. But for what? Well, according to MovieWeb, a Supergirl movie is still in the works.

Not much is known yet about what a solo movie will mean for the character. We know that we’ll be meeting her in The Flash. We know that she was chosen from over 400 actresses who tried out for the role. Sasha Calle was vetted by both Andy Muschietti, the director for The Flash, and Walter Hamada, the President of DC Films. There are several different rumors going around for what the plot of The Flash will involve, which will surely have an impact on when we’ll see a Supergirl movie. If the plot for The Flash sets Supergirl up for her own project next, that’s what we’ll see. If the plot only just introduces her, it’s possible we may see her character in a few things before catching her solo film. MovieWeb hears that it will follow The Flashpoint Paradox from the comics.

the flash

This could lead nicely into a Supergirl movie. In this version of events, Barry Allen’s The Flash decides to use his powers to travel back in time to save his mother. With any story involving time travel, this is a classic mistake. Of course, he messes up the timeline. Following this, he’ll return to a destroyed present timeline. In this destroyed timeline, the Atlanteans and Amazons will be at war. This will lead to an altered version of the Justice League. It is then considered possible that Supergirl would be Earth’s greatest hero, especially since it sounds like DC may be moving forward without Henry Cavill. That could mean this Justice League is without a Superman, making room for Sasha Calle’s character to shine and hopefully lead into a solo Supergirl movie.

Again, this is just one version of the plot for The Flash going around. There are also other theories on how we’ll eventually get to a Supergirl movie. The biggest point right now is that people are hearing this is still happening. While DC films have never confirmed a solo Supergirl title at all, there are so many rumors that it seems they must be talking about it.

And why wouldn’t they be? Fans are excited. We’ve already seen fanart of Sasha Calle in the role. While Supergirl has enjoyed six seasons on The CW, we haven’t had the chance to see Kara Zor-El in a Supergirl movie yet. Hopefully, it won’t be too many years in the making.

We will get our first peek at Sasha Calle in The Flash on November 4, 2022.