Stephen King Praises Streaming Crime Thriller, Declares Prestige TV Is Not Dead

By Jason Collins | Published

The godfather of horror, Stephen King, voiced his praise for the cast performance in Fargo Season 5. The iconic writer of horror shared thoughts on X (formerly Twitter), stating that he hadn’t seen anything quite like it, with special praise reserved for Juno Temple and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Stephen King Praises Fargo

Interestingly enough, this actually isn’t the first time Stephen King praised Leigh’s performance, given her history of impressive performances in many of King’s adaptations, including AppleTV+ 2021 show Lisey’s Story and her role in the acclaimed 1995 film Dolores Claiborne. As for Fargo, credits where credits are due, and King’s praise reflects the audiences’ sentiments towards Season 5, which garnered the anthology show’s best reviews since its second season in 2015. You know a television show is good, regardless of the genre, when it comes recommended by the master of horror.

Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Performance

Stephen King’s praise towards Fargo might surprise some but not others, considering that King has begun to share his approval of certain TV releases more frequently, often posting them on his Twitter feed. In addition to calling Fargo an example of peak television, he also praised the performances of Temple and Leigh, who portray Dot and Dot’s wealthy mother-in-law, Loraine, respectively. The two actresses have already received plenty of praise and acclaim for their performances in Season 5, and we can only hope to see them reunited in one of King’s works.

Based On The Classic Coen Brothers Film

Black Comedy

Fargo originally premiered in 2014 as an anthology crime series inspired by the 1996 Coen Brothers film of the same name. Its fifth season is particularly well-received as it continues to deliver complex narratives, dark humor, and engaging characters set against a Midwestern backdrop. As with previous seasons, all self-contained narratives within a shared universe, Season 5 deeply looks into the intricacies of crime and morality the show has become known for. However, unlike the rest of the show, Season 5 doesn’t have an overarching connection to previous seasons.

Juno Temple Is At The Center Of The Story

Its plot revolves around Juno Temple’s Dorothy Dot Lyon, who appears to be a typical Midwestern housewife. However, her mysterious past comes back to haunt her after she lands in hot water with the authorities, which sets off a chained reaction and plunges her back into a world she thought she had left behind. As Dot fights to protect herself and her family from her grim past, the legal conspiracies, law enforcement, and family entanglements set the stage for a series season filled with suspense and unexpected plot twists—so Stephen King’s praise stands.

A Season Years In The Making

The production of Season 5 of Fargo was initially shrouded in mystery; the series creator Noah Hawley stated in 2020 that there’s danger about staying at a dance a little too long. In February 2022, FX officially renewed the series for a fifth season, and by June, both Juno Temple and Jennifer Jason Leigh—whose performance was praised by Stephen King—were confirmed as main cast members for the season. Ultimately, Season 5 ended up with an overwhelmingly positive reception, with critics calling it a worthy continuation of the anthological series.

One Of The Best Shows On Television

In the end, Stephen King’s praise for Fargo Season 5 is more than just personal endorsement. It reflects a broader appreciation for the high quality of storytelling that today’s television and cinema sadly lack. Those who want to watch Fargo Season 5 can stream the show on Hulu.