Five Terrifying Stephen King Movies Streaming On Netflix

By Steven Nelson | Published

Stephen King

It’s time to Get ready for a spine-tingling journey as we explore the chilling corners of Stephen King’s imagination, brought to life on the screens of Netflix. From eerie isolation to mind-bending mysteries, the streamer has a collection of Stephen King movie adaptations that promise to both captivate and terrify.

There’s Johnny Depp, Thomas Jane, and even a haunted phone. It’s all on the table from the master of horror himself. Let’s see what Stephen King has to offer on Netflix.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

This lesser-known gem, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, adapted from Stephen King’s novella, introduces us to young Craig (Jaeden Mardel), who forms an unexpected bond with retired businessman John Harrigan, played by the legendary Donald Sutherland.

The year is 2003, iPhones are a shiny new invention, and reading to Mr. Harrigan becomes a regular gig for Craig. But when Harrigan passes away, the iPhone connection takes a spooky turn, as the device seems to channel his presence from beyond the grave.

Now, before you get caught up in the eerie buzz of this supernatural tale, keep in mind that Mr. Harrigan’s Phone came out in April 2020, right at the beginning of the pandemic.

So, it might not have gotten the attention it deserved as folks were busy binge-watching and seeking lighter content. But don’t let that deter you! If you’re ready to explore the psychological horror side of King’s storytelling, this one’s for you.

Plus, did you know that King previously delved into the chilling possibilities of mobile devices in his 2006 novel Cell? It’s a creepy-cool connection worth sinking your teeth into. So, get cozy, summon your inner detective, and let Mr. Harrigan’s Phone take you on a ride you won’t forget!


thomas jane 1922

Thomas Jane takes us on a chilling ride in 1922, now streaming on Netflix. From superhero to sports star, Jane’s journey on the big screen has been quite the adventure and this time he’s diving headfirst into Stephen King’s twisted world.

In this gripping horror film, 1922, Jane delivers a gut-wrenching performance as Wilfred James, a farmer consumed by guilt and greed after a sinister plan to murder his wife unfolds. Based on King’s novella, the movie is a haunting exploration of the shadows that lurk within us all.

As Wilfred’s dark secrets unravel, his descent into madness and paranoia will keep you glued to the screen, and Jane’s portrayal is nothing short of captivating.

So, if you’re craving psychological thrills and a dive into the darkest corners of the human psyche, 1922 should definitely be on your Netflix watchlist!

The Secret Window

Johnny Depp Amber Heard stephen king

Dive into the twisted mind of a troubled writer with Johnny Depp leading the way in the psychological thriller Secret Window, now available for streaming on Netflix. It is based on the Stephen King story Secret Window, Secret Garden.

Depp’s knack for the creepy takes center stage as he portrays Mort Rainey, a successful author grappling with writer’s block and the aftermath of a bitter divorce.

Set in an isolated cabin deep in the woods, the story takes a chilling turn when Mort is accused of plagiarism by a mysterious stranger, John Shooter (played by John Turturro). As paranoia and uncertainty tighten their grip, Mort must untangle the enigma of Shooter’s identity before it’s too late.

Depp’s portrayal adds layers of depth to Mort’s troubled psyche, seamlessly transitioning from brooding introspection to moments of sheer terror.

As the suspenseful narrative unfolds, Depp’s magnetic presence keeps viewers enthralled, making this psychological thriller a must-watch for fans of mind-bending suspense and anyone seeking a gripping cinematic experience.

Gerald’s Game

stephen king

Gerald’s Game brings Stephen King’s 1992 novel of the same name to life on the screen, bridging a 25-year gap between the written word and the visual realm. The tale’s film adaptation was once considered unfilmable, yet director Mike Flanagan defied the odds to craft this gripping Netflix release.

The story revolves around married couple Gerald and Jessie, who venture to a remote vacation home in search of romantic rejuvenation. However, their escapade takes a dire twist when a playful bedroom scenario leads to Gerald’s sudden death from a heart attack—leaving Jessie handcuffed to the bed.

Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood lead the cast in this suspenseful thriller, where survival becomes a daunting challenge as Jessie confronts not only physical restraints but also her inner demons. With ingenuity and determination, she must unravel this twisted predicament.

In the Tall Grass

stephen king

In The Tall Grass emerges from the depths of Stephen King and his son Joe Hill’s imaginative collaboration. Streaming on Netflix, this mind-bending horror film adapted from their novella introduces a perplexing and unsettling tale.

When siblings Becky and Cal hear the desperate cries of a young boy emanating from a vast field of grass, they embark on a rescue mission. Yet, the seemingly simple act of entering the towering grasslands sets them on a disorienting path.

Time bends, dimensions blur, and escape becomes an enigma as they confront an unfathomable and malevolent force residing within the labyrinth of grass.

Directed by Vincenzo Natali, In The Tall Grass weaves an intricate web of mystery and dread. The eerie narrative unfolds as Becky and Cal encounter others who’ve been ensnared in the same verdant nightmare, struggling to escape its suffocating grasp.

With a chilling atmosphere and a relentless sense of foreboding, this Netflix release will keep you on the edge of your seat as the characters battle both the tangled foliage and their own escalating paranoia.