The Thomas Jane Horror Movie Streaming On Netflix Is Stephen King’s Scariest Story

By Steven Nelson | Updated

thomas jane 1922 netflix

Thomas Jane has come a long way in the last couple of decades on the big screen, playing roles that range from comic book superhero to iconic baseball player. And there’s been a little bit of everything in between along the way. Right now he has a horror film streaming on Netflix that is about as scary as it comes for the actor. It’s time to check out 1922 on the platform.

Thomas Jane’s 1922 is based on the Stephen King novella of the same name

In the gripping Netflix film 1922, Thomas Jane delivers a haunting and powerful performance as Wilfred James, a farmer living with his wife, Arlette, and their teenage son, Henry, in rural Nebraska. Adapted from Stephen King’s novella of the same name, the movie serves as an exploration of guilt, greed, and the darkness that lurks within the human psyche. All things Thomas Jane is more than equipped to handle in a major way.

thomas jane 1922
Thomas Jane in 1922

The story unfolds as Wilfred becomes entangled in a sinister plot to murder his wife and seize her inherited land. Persuaded by his own greed and driven by the desire for a better life, he coerces his teenage son, Henry, to assist him in carrying out the heinous act.

After the gruesome deed, guilt and paranoia consume Wilfred’s mind, and he descends into a nightmarish existence haunted by his actions. It’s a story that could really only come from the mind of Stephen King. And Thomas Jane is up to the task. As strange and unsettling occurrences plague their farm, Wilfred becomes convinced that his dead wife’s vengeful spirit is haunting him.

Thomas Jane’s portrayal of Wilfred James is a tour de force, capturing the character’s gradual descent into madness with nuance and intensity. He masterfully conveys the internal struggle between remorse and the desperate need to maintain his ill-gotten gains, adding layers of complexity to the character.

As Wilfred’s world unravels, 1922 delves into the psychological horrors of guilt, remorse, and the consequences of one’s actions. Thomas Jane’s exceptional portrayal brings the character’s torment to life, immersing viewers in a gripping and unsettling journey through the shadows of human nature.

1922 on Netflix was a critical hit when it hit the streamer, scoring a 92 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

1922 on Netflix was a critical hit when it hit the streamer, scoring a 92 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Thomas Jane was a big reason, able to bring to life something right out of Stephen King’s pages. That’s no easy feat.

Thomas Jane Has Shown Range As An Actor Over His Career

Thomas Jane punisher

And it really shouldn’t be a surprise that Thomas Jane could pull off a performance like this. After all, the dude has been one of the more underrated actors going even from the early days of his career. He came on the scene in Boogie Nights (1997), where he portrayed Todd Parker, a drug-addicted party boy. 

Plus there was his Frank Castle role in 2004s The Punisher which, at least at the time, was one of the better adaptations of the violent Marvel character. Jon Bernthal eventually took over the character on Netflix, but Thomas Jane did Castle right at the time.

In the acclaimed HBO series Hung (2009-2011), Jane played Ray Drecker, a struggling high school basketball coach who turns to male prostitution to make ends meet. His portrayal of Ray showcased his comedic timing and ability to infuse depth into a character navigating life’s challenges. If anything Hung felt a bit too short in terms of a series run.

More recently, Thomas Jane has appeared in the science fiction series The Expanse (2015-2021), where he played Detective Josephus Miller. His role in the series earned him critical acclaim, further establishing him as a prominent figure in the science fiction genre.

In conclusion, 1922 on Netflix offers a haunting and atmospheric exploration of the human psyche, with Thomas Jane’s standout performance as Wilfred James at its heart. The film’s chilling plot and Jane’s compelling portrayal make it a must-watch for those who appreciate psychological thrillers that delve into the darkest corners of the human mind.