Another Stargate SG-1 Castmember Has Been Approached To Join A New Series

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

stargate tapping

Stargate fans have to be getting more than a little pumped right now. It sure looks there’s going to be a series reboot going sooner than later with some of the original series main players clearly working on something behind the scenes in the short term. The latest news is that there will be another Stargate SG-1 cast member who could be returning to the mix both on the screen and behind the camera. According to The Companion and confirmed by SyFy Wire, it looks like Amanda Tapping will be returning for the proposed reboot series. 

The latest Stargate reboot rumors have been ramping up over the last month or so and there have been whispers over the last year. Sometimes nothing comes of these things and there’s, at times, a move by the key players to drum up buzz, or trial balloon projects. But this one clearly has some legs with co-creator Brad Wright talking to members for the original cast. In this case, we are talking about Amanda Tapping coming back as Samantha Carter who appeared in all ten seasons of SG-1, and then the two companion movies that wrapped up the narrative arcs of the series

In addition to Tapping being, well, tapped to come back to the show as Carter there appears to have been other discussions for Stargate her role as well. She said she wouldn’t mind having her character level up to a higher military role in the show for her character. But apparently, Wright also wants her to get behind the lens as well. As part of their apparent discussion, he’s asked her to helm some episodes at the minimum. She has experience in this way having directed Season 7’s episode “Resurrection”. She’s stayed busy behind the camera in recent years as well with work on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Batwoman, and The Flash to name just a few. So there’s plenty of experience there. 

The news of a Stargate reboot possibly bringing back Amanda Tapping comes on the heels of the news that Brad Wright had also been in discussions with series star Michael Shanks as well. The latter mirrored Tapping’s run on the show and starred as Daniel Jackson. If they are truly getting the entire gate-crashing gang back together. 

Stargate SG-1 followed the adventures of a military group that accessed the titular gate allowing for interdimensional travel. It, of course, opens up a literal universe of problems and the stories focus on the dealings of humans coming into conflict with a number of different alien races. It was the sequel to the movie Stargate and also spawned the series Stargate Atlantis. That series ran for five seasons and Tapping had a role in Season 4 as well as guest appearances throughout the entire run. 

Whether this Stargate reboot ever happens remains to be seen. It sure looks like the details are coming out at a faster pace right now with the possibility that we get a clear announcement about the real plans sooner than later. But the original cast and creators are clearly talking about the possibility and there’s interest from a number of different parties.