Star Wars Jedi Prequel Gets New Title Linking To Most Controversial Episode?

By Christopher Isaac | Published

star wars the first jedi

With how much of the Star Wars franchise focuses on the Skywalker lineage, it is pretty exciting when a project comes along that will cover fresh ground. We already knew that would be the case with director James Mangold’s announced Star Wars project Dawn of the Jedi, which will focus on the first ever Jedi. However, recent interviews may have just revealed a new title for the movie that will tie it to the sequel trilogy, as a new name that has popped up for the movie is Jedi Prime.

A Producer Calls It Jedi Prime

star wars the first jedi

This news comes courtesy of a quote from the producer of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Simon Emanuel, who was discussing how far back in time the movie focusing on the first jedi will be. “James Mangold’s Jedi Prime is set thousands and thousands of years before [the original trilogy],” said Emanuel, “and I’m really excited to see what happens there.”

The Last Jedi

the last jedi

Jedi Prime refers to a bit of lore that was included in Star Wars: The Last Jedi which referred to the first ever jedi by that title. The Prime Jedi appears in a mosaic in the movie and is said to be the one who first discovered the abilities of the Force.

This person then went on to create the Jedi Order and begin training others in the powers that they discovered. The Last Jedi does not shed much more light on the topic than that, but it was something many fans found to be one of the most intriguing pieces of lore from one of the franchise’s most controversial movies.

That’s Distance

It sounds as if even James Mangold had a lot to learn about the subject when he consulted Star Wars experts on where the first Jedi would fit into the franchise’s canon. Speaking on what he learned, he said, “When I talked to some of the Star Wars clerics that keep track of all of these timelines, I was like ‘So when would this happen.’ And they were like ‘25,000 years before Episode I,’ and I was like ‘Oh, I was looking for some distance, but that’s distance.’”

It is unclear at this time if Emanuel’s reference to the upcoming movie as Jedi Prime marks an official name change or not, but Star Wars sleuths are no doubt studying to learn all they can about what this might mean.

It does not change much for the premise of Dawn of the Jedi, but it does show a willingness to already start building off connections to prior movies. It will be interesting to learn what other Star Wars lore is tapped into for this movie that will finally reveal who the first jedi was.

Handling It Similarly To Logan

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One thing that Mangold did make clear when discussing his interest in the project was that having some distance from the other stories that have been told in the Star Wars universe was something he desired. That seems evident in his previous director work, like with Logan which was a massive yet welcome departure from any of the prior X-Men films.

If that kind of an approach is what he winds up bringing to the Star Wars franchise, this movie focusing on the first Jedi could wind up being the most unique Star Wars property we have seen since the original trilogy.

A Long Wait

Unfortunately, it will still be some time yet before Mangold even begins working on the project. He currently has other movies that he is finishing up with, leading to estimates that he won’t finish Dawn of the Jedi (or Jedi Prime as it may perhaps now be known) until 2027 or 2028. That is quite a wait for such an eagerly anticipated Star Wars movie, but with how long fans have already waited to learn about the first jedi, they are used to being patient.


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