Star Wars Ahsoka Mystery Villain Revealed, It Isn’t Who You Think

By Douglas Helm | Updated

ahsoka marrok
Marrok and Ahsoka

The Ahsoka series has offered up several mysteries since its first episode, including the identity of the mysterious masked Inquisitor known as Marrok. However, the fourth episode of the Disney+ Star Wars series finally revealed his identity, and it wasn’t Barris Offee or Ezra Bridger like some fans guessed. Instead, he was revealed to be a Nightbrother who was created by Morgan Elsbeth using her Nightsister Magick.

The fourth episode saw Ahsoka Tano facing off with Marrok and eventually killing him by slicing him across the chest when he lunged forward. This slice led to a visceral scream from the Inquisitor as his wound spewed out green smoke before he disappeared into a burst of smoke himself. With Morgan Elsbeth previously revealed as a Nightsister, it makes sense that he would turn out to be a Nightbrother.

The mysterious masked villain Marrok is revealed to be a Nightbrother in episode 4 of Ahsoka.

The Nightsisters of Dathomir, first introduced to Star Wars canon in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, are a matriarchal society that would use their unique Magick to create Nightbrothers to serve as warriors of their people. Notable Nightbrothers previously introduced in Star Wars canon include Darth Maul and his blood brother, Savage Oppress. Perhaps the fact that Ahsoka introduced Marrok as an ally to a Nightsister should have been our first clue.

However, there’s the natural inclination of any Star Wars fan to automatically assume that any mysterious, masked character is naturally someone that we have been introduced to before.

This led many fans to guess that the masked Inquisitor would be the former Jedi and ally of Ahsoka Barriss Offee or even the missing Jedi Ezra Bridger that Ahsoka and Sabine have been seeking. Some more out there theories even guessed that Marrok might be Starkiller from the Force Unleashed video games.

ahsoka marrok
Marrok’s death in Ahsoka

Marrok’s name is the exact same as the Arthurian character, who was a bodyguard of King Arthur, who was cursed by a witch.

However, in a refreshing change of pace, Ahsoka didn’t feel the need to connect Marrok to previously introduced characters and let him be his own thing. In fact, those who are familiar with both Arthurian legend and how the Nightsisters of Dathomir work could have probably guessed who he was right when he was introduced.

Marrok’s Arthurian Roots

The Nightsisters of Dathomir are known as witches in the Star Wars universe, and Morgan Elsbeth’s name is a pretty clear reference to the Arthurian witch Morgan le Fey.

Meanwhile, Marrok’s name is the exact same as the Arthurian character, who was a bodyguard of King Arthur, who was cursed by a witch. With that in mind, it seems that Ahsoka wasn’t hiding that Marrok was a Nightbrother at all. Still, it’s pretty cool to see one of these characters (that isn’t Darth Maul) in live-action.

Also, Ahsoka‘s reveal that Marrok is an Inquisitor also makes him the first canon Inquisitor who isn’t a former Jedi. Of course, now that Marrok is out of the picture, that doesn’t mean that the series is done with its mysteries. The Disney+ show has four episodes left, and we still get to find out what exactly happened to Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger before all is said and done.

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