Exclusive: Star Trek Dominion War Series In Development, Details Revealed

We've learned a Star Trek: Dominion War series is in development at Paramount.

By Michileen Martin | Updated


Star Trek is returning to its most explosive conflict. According to our trusted and proven sources, a Star Trek: Dominion War series is in development at Paramount. Assuming it clears all the necessary hurdles, Dominion War will be a limited series and — rather than the war itself — it will focus on the war’s aftermath and how it impacts the Alpha Quadrant.

No doubt it’s in part the comparative popularity of the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard which is leading to a renewed interest in the Dominion War. The conflict originally opened at the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s fifth season, and raged on until the very end of the series, for two more seasons. A splinter group from the leaders of the Dominion — the shapeshifting Founders, also known as Changelings — have proven to be the chief antagonists of Picard‘s current season.

We don’t know who the heroes of Star Trek: Dominion War will be though, considering where it falls in Trek’s timeline, it opens some intriguing possibilities. In particular, we could finally get a return of Avery Brooks to the franchise as Benjamin Sisko. Brooks was Deep Space Nine‘s lead and, as the Captain of the titular station, spearheaded the war against the Dominion.

deep space nine
Avery Brooks as Captain Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

But of all the Trek captains of the particular era, Sisko has had the biggest question marks looming over him. While Patrick Stewart and Kate Mulgrew have both appeared in projects set after the events of their respective Trek series, Brooks is so far a no-show. Deep Space Nine ends with his character ascending to be with the godlike Prophets while promising to return one day.

It is an interesting choice to name a show Star Trek: Dominion War but to set it after the events of that war, it kind of feels like calling a movie World War II and then starting the action the day after the war ends. On the other hand, if you’ve seen Deep Space Nine, then you know how the war ends, so for the most part, that story’s already been told.

And there are some intriguing questions to be answered both on a micro and a macro scale when it comes to the aftermath of Star Trek’s Dominion War. For example, Michael Dorn’s Worf is made Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire in the Deep Space Nine series finale, and yet there is no mention of this either in Picard (at least not so far) or in 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis. Dominion War could potentially tell us what happened to Worf’s seemingly short-lived diplomatic appointment.

worf raffi star trek
Michael Dorn as Worf and Michelle Hurd as Raffi in Star Trek: Picard

There’s also the question of the Romulans. In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s penultimate season, the good guys’ side of the Dominion War gets a much needed shot in the arm with the Romulans joining the alliance between the Federation and the Klingons. However, as early as Nemesis, this alliance has been dissolved.

Star Trek: Dominion War could potentially answer the questions of why and how the alliance broke down, and whether or not it had anything to do with the Romulans learning of the events of “In the Pale Moonlight.” Often cited as a fan-favorite, the DS9 episode chronicles Captain Sisko facilitating lies, subterfuge, and even murder as part of an elaborate (and successful) plot to trick the Romulans into the war on the Federation’s side, as remembered by Memory Alpha.

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