12 Days Of Star Trek Advent Calendar Is Must-Buy For Fans

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Star Trek fans who have gotten used to unboxing a themed surprise 12 days in a row during the holiday season can look forward to unboxing this year’s advent calendar. For the third consecutive year, Star Trek enthusiasts can unwrap the holiday season with an intergalactic flair as Insight Editions unveils its holiday mini-gift countdown collection. Following in the footsteps of Eaglemoss and Numskull, Insight Editions takes the reins in delivering a countdown collectors gift, promising fans an immersive journey through 12 days of Star Trek joy.

The Type 6 Starflett Shuttlecraft

According to Trek Core, this year’s Star Trek advent calendar is a tribute to the iconic Type 6 Starfleet shuttlecraft, similar to what is found in episodes from Next Generation. Specifically, the calendar looks like the Goddard shuttle, famously loaned to Montgomery Scott in the episode “Relics.” The box opens lengthwise, revealing 12 meticulously designed compartments. 

What’s Inside

Each compartment in the Star Trek advent calendar harbors a small collectible inspired by the series. In fact, the 12 collectibles in total represent nearly every franchise featured in the long-running series.

For extra intrigue and a touch of excitement, each compartment in the Star Trek advent calendar contains a descriptive hint so the unboxer can guess what might be hidden away inside the cardboard shuttle. 

Shot Glasses And More

While most of the contents inside the box will remain a secret so as not to spoil the surprise for Trekkies who want to purchase the calendar, we’ll disclose a little taste of what someone who purchases this collector’s item might experience. The contents of the Star Trek advent calendar boast a delightful mix of original items and useful trinkets, featuring items such as a USS Cerritos shot glass and a Deep Space Nine-inspired Christmas ornament. Other items include liquid-filled metal Starfleet ice cubes for beverages to a shuttle pod-styled ‘trinket box’ destined for hiding away tiny things or sitting pretty on office desks.

The Price Tag

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The functionality of this year’s Star Trek advent calendar is a departure from last year’s Numskull release, which invited fans to build their own Enterprise. However, while this year’s calendar will help collectors fill their holiday glasses with ice-cold Trek-themed drinks, the price tag is sure to make one or two fans raise an eyebrow. Priced at $150 per box, the Insight Editions calendar is the same price as the Eaglemoss 2021 24-box release and contains half the number of boxes. 

The cost increase of the newest Star Trek advent calendar could be due to an increase in manufacturing expenses or the current surge in shipping costs. However, some collectors may find the price point steep for a holiday surprise lasting less than two weeks.

The Perfect Gift For The Star Trek Lover In Your Life

Despite the cost, devoted Star Trek fans eager to surprise their loved ones with a shuttle-inspired gift box can secure their orders directly from the Insight Editions website. If you order now, you might be able to receive the 2023 Star Trek advent calendar before the holiday season officially starts.

The 2023 Star Trek advent calendar from Insight Editions promises a festive holiday voyage for fans. While the $150 price tag may spur surprise, the mix of collectibles and functional treasures makes it a unique holiday treat. Secure your order from the Insight Editions website now for a chance to unwrap the intergalactic joy before the holiday season officially commences. Live long and celebrate the holidays with Star Trek style!