Spider-Man Director Rebooting A Classic Horror Series

By Douglas Helm | 13 seconds ago


Jon Watts is having a pretty good start to his year. His latest directorial effort, Spider-Man: No Way Home, is currently the eighth highest-grossing movie of all time with room to move up. Next, it looks like he’ll be jumping onto another franchise by rebooting the classic Final Destination horror series.

Spider-Man director Jon Watts has signed on to be a producer of the new film, which is currently titled Final Destination 6. He also wrote the treatment for the film. Final Destination 6 will be the first entry in the franchise since 2011. Although the series likely isn’t too fresh in the mind of fans, luckily it’s a franchise where you don’t necessarily have to see the previous five movies to hop on board.

If you’re unfamiliar with Final Destination, the movies feature a cast of characters who have a near-death experience. Typically, one of the characters will have a premonition that allows them to prevent their own death and the deaths of others. The thing is that in this series, death doesn’t like being avoided and it comes back to claim the survivors in horrific and usually very creative ways. Part of the morbid thrill of seeing these movies is seeing the methods they come up with to kill off the leads.

The first film, Final Destination, was released in 2000 and was one of those wild success stories where they went in with a small budget and the movie made it back many times over. It’s not surprising that they decided to make four more after that first effort. Funnily enough, the concept was originally written as an episode for The X-Files TV series, but they’re probably happy they went with a full-on film franchise instead. They may not make Spider-Man: No Way Home money, but they’re probably still happy with what they made.

final destination

Final Destination 5, the most recent entry to the franchise, ended up making a tidy profit as well, so it’s a little odd that there’s been such a big gap in between movies. Also, it appears that Final Destination 6 is headed straight to HBO Max, so it looks like the profits for this one will be a little more ambiguous. Still, with Jon Watts leading the charge, there’s sure to be a good amount of buzz. Especially since the franchise already has a built-in fanbase.

Other than Jon Watts, there’s already a full team behind Final Destination 6. Lori Evans Taylor and Guy Busick are signed on to write it. The producing team is rounded out by Craig Perry, Dianne McGunigle, Sheila Hanahan Taylor, Practical Pictures, and New Line Cinema. No cast has been announced yet. Since the movie is still in the pre-production phase, we’ll probably be hearing a lot more news about it in the upcoming months.

While we wait for Final Destination 6, you can still catch Jon Watts’ most successful movie yet, Spider-Man: No Way Home, in theatres. Other than Final Destination 6, he also has an upcoming project with George Clooney and Brad Pitt that is currently untitled. And he’ll be continuing his Marvel tenure with Fantastic Four which is also in pre-production. In short, it looks like Watts has plenty on his docket over the next few years.