Star Wars Hints That Snoke Was Made Of A Famous Jedi’s Body Part

By Rick Gonzales | 2 weeks ago


The continued fallout from the absolute mess that was the Star Wars sequel trilogy does not seem to have an ending point. Now, in an effort to answer some of the many questions concerning Emperor Palpatine’s time on Exegol and just how Supreme Leader Snoke was able to return, Star Wars is leaning on their Darth Vader comic to clear things up.

It seems, though, in their attempt to answer questions left by J.J Abrams, they may have created more. As many may recall from Abrams mess, it was revealed that Snoke was a clone, one of the many things Palpatine created during his Exegol residency. While Marvel’s Darth Vader comic has done a yeoman’s job of trying to make sense of things, they are now strongly hinting that Snoke and Luke Skywalker may have something more in common than previously thought.

This implication comes courtesy of the #11 issue of Darth Vader where it is heavily suggested that Luke Skywalker’s severed hand was actually recovered from Bespin and that, yes, his DNA was used to create Supreme Leader Snoke. What?

For the longest time, the fate of Luke’s hand has been discussed as a possible plot point for the Star Wars sequel trilogy ever since J.J. Abrams jumped on board. On one of his earlier drafts of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, it is known that Abrams had planned on opening his film with Luke’s hand still holding Anakin’s lightsaber. The clutched lightsaber would tumble through space, toward Jakku where, upon entering the atmosphere, the hand would disintegrate, causing the lightsaber to fall into the sand. This was to be the MacGuffin to kick off the sequel.

While that never made the final film, the idea of Luke’s severed hand has been one that Lucasfilm has maintained. When the big reveal in The Rise of Skywalker that Snoke was actually a clone, it was met with derision. It also brought up the very important question – how could a clone have the ability to use the Force?

Apparently, Darth Vader is now suggesting that midichlorians were taken from Luke’s severed limb and placed within Snokes. So, this is what gave Snoke the ability to use the force? Okay. So, if this is the case and DNA from Luke was used on Snoke, then this also means that biologically speaking, Snoke is now a part of the Skywalker family tree and tied to Luke.

Plus, if all this is to be gleaned from the comic, then what about Supreme Leader Snoke being an ancient being? This Darth Vader reveal would now make Snoke pretty much the same age as Ben Solo. So many questions. Of course, with all these new questions, the writers of Darth Vader must have answers, right? Not only did issue #11 throw Snoke’s existence into question, but it also revealed the source of Palpatine’s power and the Final Order’s fleets might. A massive kyber crystal.

The trouble with the many variations of Star Wars is their consistency, something that was sorely lacking in the sequel trilogy. It’s as if one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing and thusly creates more trouble for the many who have invested years and years following Luke, Han, Leia, and the rest of the original crew.

Are there answers for the continuing confusion? Probably. A good start would be to not let J.J. Abrams or Rian Johnson anywhere near Star Wars. Maybe George Lucas could clear up this mess.