Sisko Returning To Star Trek?

By Drew Dietsch | 8 months ago

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Benjamin Sisko is one of the most divisive captains in the history of the Star Trek franchise. Some find him to be too abrasive and hard-edged, while others think he’s in contention for the best captain to ever appear in the series. We lean more towards the latter opinion, and we would love to see what kind of story could be told with his characters all these years later.

If a new rumor is to be believed, we might finally get to follow up with Benjamin Sisko. We Got This Covered is reporting that CBS is in initial talks to bring back the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine captain. As of now, it is not clear exactly in what capacity he would be brought back. The report claims that either a guest spot on Star Trek: Picard or a series focusing solely on Sisko are some of the options being considered.


If there is any veracity to this rumor, we here at Giant Freakin Robot sincerely hope that Benjamin Sisko is not brought back as a supporting character on Star Trek: Picard. Regardless of any critical reads on that show’s quality, it would just be demeaning to bring back a prominent captain character in a show whose title is highlighting a different captain. Sisko is a compelling character that could easily anchor his own story. He does not need to be made an appendage to Jean-Luc Picard.

Though, this does beg the question: what would the next chapter in the story of Benjamin Sisko even be about? The end of his journey in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is a conclusive one, but it was also crafted so that a return to the character would not be impossible. Would a new story even necessitate an entire series? Would it be a limited run of episodes? And would other Star Trek: Deep Space Nine characters and actors be appearing? It would feel pretty disappointing if we did not get to see many of the other beloved crew members from that show.

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It certainly seems like the Star Trek franchise is looking to bring back some of its most notable characters for new stories, so is bringing Sisko back so unreasonable? We just saw William Riker and Deanna Troi show up at the end of Star Trek: Lower Decks, and the new animated series on Nickelodeon, Star Trek: Prodigy, recently announced that Kate Mulgrew will be returning as Kathryn Janeway. There seems to be a push to bring back past actors for this newest phase of the Star Trek franchise. Bringing in Benjamin Sisko would make sense with this new directive.

However, we have no official confirmation that Benjamin Sisko is set to return to the Star Trek franchise. We will have to see if actor Avery Brooks is interested or not, and in what capacity he could potentially return. In the meantime, if you need your Sisko itch scratched, we recommend you watch the excellent documentary What We Left Behind, a look back at the history and legacy of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.