Shadow And Bone Author Devastated At Netflix Cancelling Series

By April Ryder | Published

It’s official, Shadow and Bone will not be renewed for a third season on Netflix, and the original creator of the storyline is devastated. According to Deadline, Shadow and Bone author, Leigh Bardugo, made a long public statement on her Instagram explaining just how gutted she is over the whole situation. 

Shadow And Bone Canceled


After airing two successful seasons of Shadow and Bone, and despite the completion of scripts for a new spinoff series, both the main title and the Six of Crows spinoff series have officially been canceled via Netflix. It seems fans of the series will not be returning to the Grishaverse after all. 

The cancellation of Shadow and Bone comes after the resolution of the drawn-out SAGAFTRA strikes. With new regulations in place concerning the payment of writers and actors, the streaming giant is making moves to reduce costs in the way of pulling the plug on several different streaming shows.

Glamorous, Agent Elvis, Farzar, and Captain Fall are also getting the axe.

Adaptation Of The Popular Novels


Bardugo’s popular storyline premiered in live-action form in April 2021 and was immediately a hit with audiences.

In an attempt to mix elements of Bardugo’s core trilogy with a bit of the Six of Crows duology, Shadow and Bone took on the task of visually introducing the world to the kingdom of Ravka. 

Shadow And Bone Cast

shadow and bone

Jessie Mei Li plays Alina Starkhov in Shadow and Bone, an impoverished cartographer serving in the Ravkan army. She turns out to be a magical individual capable of harnessing sunlight called a Sun Summoner.

It’s a rare ability, but more than that, Starkhov’s ability could be the answer to the darkness of the Shadow Fold. 

Shadow and Bone also starred Ben Barnes as General Kirigan. Kirigan is an immortal Darkling in the show who is responsible for creating the Shadow Fold.

Archie Renaux plays Mal who is also Alina’s love interest on the show. Freddy Carter, Amita Suman, Kit Young, Danielle Galligan, and Calahan Skogman also play important roles in the series. 

Shadow And Bone World

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Ravka is a place where humans and Grisha (magic users) collide. The country has been in peril for several hundred years due to the existence of the Shadow Fold.

The Shadow Fold is a large piece of land that is always shrouded in darkness and riddled with terribly monstrous creatures that will maim and eat any living thing that dares enter the land. 

Six Of Crows?

Shadow and Bone showrunner, Eric Heisserer, released the news earlier in 2023 regarding the spinoff series Six of Crows.

He said that a writers’ room had already been opened and the scripts for the new series were already being written.

The original plan was to have Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows eventually available to stream simultaneously. 

Shadow And Bone Cliffhangers

shadow and bone

However, all the plans of future glory for the series are in the dust now. The very last episode of Shadow and Bone was the season 2 finale which was made available for streaming on Netflix in March of this year.

Unfortunately, fans of the show are left with some pretty substantial cliffhangers in the end.