See Brie Larson Breaking Down On The Set Of Her New Project

Brie Larson showed herself breaking down on Instagram for her new show on Disney+, Growing Up.

By James Brizuela | Published

Brie Larson is taking her many talents to the directing and executive producing chair, as her new docuseries on Disney+ premieres today on the streaming platform. This new docuseries is called Growing Up and follows the stories told by different young adults from all different walks of life. They reveal their private lives and struggles of identity in a series that looks to be quite inspiring. Larson posted some behind-the-scenes photos of the series shooting on her Instagram page, and of her breaking down during these stories being told. You can view those in the above post.

Growing Up is part of the Disney Plus Day rollout, which is promising to reveal many new and upcoming projects. Brie Larson might be part of some further Marvel announcements today, but she is getting to showcase her new series for now. Quite honestly, all these coming-of-age stories look fantastic. It is quite nice to see Larson take a more active role in creating something of this nature. She is usually in front of the camera and has been a superstar for many years, especially for Disney. However, she put something together that might reach many young people, especially those who struggled with life in general. Civil discourse matters a great deal, and it looks as if these young people get together to share something quite special.

As previously mentioned, Brie Larson is usually in front of the camera. We are all patiently waiting to see her reprise her role as Captain Marvel, which will be happening in The Marvels. The film is set for a July 2023 release. She is also going to be part of two different television roles. One sees her take on the role of Elizabeth Zott, in Lessons in Chemistry. The series is based on a historical fiction novel that follows a female chemist in the 1960s who has her life upended by being fired from a lab while pregnant. Larson is also starring in an untitled CIA series that will see her take on the role of a real-life operative. She will also be part of Avengers: Secret Wars, but we would imagine that Captain Marvel might appear sooner rather than later. She does have ties to Nick Fury, and Secret Invasion is set to debut in the spring of 2023.

brie larson growing up

Brie Larson leads quite a busy life, and she often updates her fans on the more personal side of things via her Instagram. This time we are given moments where she is caught laughing and crying while on the set of Growing Up. We would imagine the show is certainly going to tug at the heartstrings of everyone who watches it.

Growing Up is streaming right now on Disney+, and fans can see Brie Larson take on the role of creator, director, and executive producer. We are quite excited to see how she performs in this role, and this new docuseries looks quite inspirational. It surely has to be if Larson was openly weeping in the behind-the-scenes photos.