This X-Wing Bed Is Cooler Than Where You Sleep

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This kid has a much cooler bed than you. Sorry to those of you who think you have a pretty sweet setup in the bedroom, but here’s a fact of life that you’re going to have to get used to: your bed will never be more than the second best bed in the galaxy. Imagine that you have bunk beds, only the top bunk is Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing fighter from Star Wars. And if that isn’t awesome enough, imagine that you can sit in this top bunk/cockpit and actually watch Star Wars. Granted, you may have to be a small rebel child to fit, but that’s beside the point.


This thing is pretty decked out. There’s a flat-screen television mounted to the nose, not to mention the DVD player built into the body of the craft. You’ll never be lonely at night because Luke’s trusty sidekick R2-D2 is there to watch over you and keep the bogeyman at bay, or maybe fend off Darth Vader as you blow up the Death Star in your dreams.

Of all the neat stuff on this bed, the best part is the wings. The X-shaped foils that give the craft its name actually open and close. They open and close. How great is that?

A lot of parents built forts and playhouses for their kids, but most of them aren’t nearly this intricate or unique. They may have been everything from space ships to strongholds in our imaginations, but this, this is what happens when nerds grow up and start little nerd families of their own.

This is the way.

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