The World’s End Begins Virtual Pub Crawl And Plans Comic-Con Scavenger Hunt

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

first postWhile the release of Star Trek Into Darkness earlier this year was an important film for science fiction fans (regardless of those fans’ enjoyment factor), I think the most anticipated movie of the year for geeks in general is Edgar Wright’s The World’s End, the third entry in the Three Flavours Cornettos Trilogy. With the decent-but-disappointing taste of Paul now washed from our mouths, we can get ready to watch Nick Frost and Simon Pegg reteam to face more aliens, albeit in an entirely different scenario.

And entirely different scenarios are what these guys are all about, right down to their promotions. Just the other day, the film began its 12-day virtual pub crawl, in which different popular film blogs will each host one of the film’s exclusive posters promoting the pub locations showcased in the film. I’ll admit that printing these posters out and putting them up on the walls in my dining room won’t in any way give me a connection with the film that just watching it wouldn’t give me, but $300 worth of frames isn’t going to buy itself. You can follow the poster releases on the film’s Facebook page, where you’ll find ComingSoon, JoBlo, ScreenCrush, and Crave have already put their posters out there. The one up top is for The First Post, and you can find the next three below.

old familiar

famous cock

cross hands

But the posters, which lead up to Comic-Con, aren’t the only way the fictional world of The World’s End is entering our own. (If you didn’t see the spot-on touristy video for the film’s town of Newton Haven, you owe it to yourself to watch it below.)

Comic-Con attendees will be able to see Wright, Pegg, and Frost at the film’s Hall H panel on Friday, July 19, but 50 very determined people will win a chance to catch an advanced screening of the film right after the panel. Follow @TheGoldenMillCC on Twitter, which will soon begin announcing locations around San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter where hunters can find 12 limited-edition Golden Mile trading cards. Be a part of that initial 50 people and you’ll be laughing well before the rest of the country. Actually, the rest of the screening audience will be filled with a “first come, first serve” attitude.

Do you need even more The World’s End fun and games? IGN is hosting a Fan Crawl on Thursday, July 18, where visitors can chow down on free food and drinks as the Crawl travels to three San Diego locations, where Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz trivia contests will award the true fans prizes, including tickets to that advanced screening. Also, 12 raffle winners will win tickets to attend the film’s Comic-Con party. Hang out with the guys! (I have no idea if you can hang out with the guys. Or the women.) Make Newton Haven your next vacation spot below.