PlayStation Confirms VR2 Launch Date And Hefty Price Tag

PlayStation recently confirmed the VR2 headset will release on February 23, 2023, at a price tag of $550.

By Jason Collins | Published

Sony finally confirmed pricing, release date, and various bundles for its upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset. The next-generation headset will launch on February 23, next year, confirming our previous report. However, its price will mirror that of its native console, which also saw a bump in its pricing and will set the players back approx. $550 for the VR set alone.

The set is compatible with the PlayStation 5 console only, and, as per our previous report, it doesn’t have backward compatibility with previous-gen games. According to The Verge, preorders for the PlayStation VR2 will begin on November 15, limited to Sony’s PlayStation online store. The bundles will include the Sense controllers and stereo headphones, but the controller charging station will be sold separately, priced at only $50.

These bundles usually feature multiple games, but we only know of the upcoming Horizon Call of the Mountain, which is specifically made just for the PlayStation VR2. The game will also become available for preorder later this month. The PlayStation VR2, though hefty priced, is a massive upgrade over the original hardware, despite the predecessor’s massive success.

VR2 in action

The upcoming PlayStation VR2 will feature an OLED screen with a 110° field of view and support for 4K HDR. Everything will run at 120Hz for a smoother gaming experience and frame rates. The headset itself also has four built-in cameras in front of the display, so you won’t actually have to set up external cameras that would follow your movement, which is pretty impressive, considering PlayStation VR2’s single-cable setup.

PlayStation VR2’s Sense controllers, on the other hand, are now orb-shaped and include adaptive triggers and haptic feedback similar to DualSense, with touch-detecting capabilities. They’re specifically designed with comfort in mind due to their slimmer and lighter design. Everything’s complemented with additional ergonomics, such as air vents and lens adjustment dials for better feet and a more customized feel.

Unfortunately, the lack of backward compatibility is a massive drawback, especially considering the current state of Sony’s gaming hardware department. The Original PSVR has approx. 500 gaming titles in its library, most of which are playable on Sony’s new console, which still eludes gamers coveting the next-gen gaming experience. This raises questions about the viability of PlayStation VR2 at the time being, considering that gamers still have difficulties getting their hands on its native hardware.

The lack of compatibility is also an issue, especially since the new device won’t be compatible with PlayStation 4 or original PSVR games. The PlayStation VR2 is designed to provide a truly next-gen experience, which leads to hardware/software incompatibility with the older console and its games. Not to mention that the number of titles in development for PlayStation VR2 is somewhat limited, but we would be amiss if we failed to mention that Sony is improving the situation.

Besides the aforementioned Horizon game, Sony’s selection of PlayStation VR2 is very limited, especially considering the number of titles developed for the original PSVR. However, the titles that are developed for the upcoming PlayStation VR2 are absolute hits, and their scarcity can be justified with a simple “quality over quantity” metaphor. These include Resident Evil Village, the previously announced Resident Evil 4, and No Man’s Sky.

However, Sony didn’t sit idly, and they announced another 11 games for the upcoming PlayStation VR2, most of which are either derivative of mainline titles, remake collections, or original titles. Everyone interested in PlayStation VR2 will be able to preorder the set starting November 15 at all participating retailers.