The Walking Dead Escape Obstacle Course May Soon Attack A City Near You

By Nick Venable | Updated

the walking dead escapeThere are undoubtedly going to be people out there who will be devastated when The Walking Dead‘s fourth season comes to a close on March 30. If those people happen to live in one of a handful of U.S. cities, they won’t have to wait long to get right back into the zombie-dodging action, as the massive “Walking Dead Escape” obstacle course event is going on a nationwide tour starting in April. Who said exercise had to be boring and completely free of blood and gore?

The project, which is put on by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint, was conceived for the 2012 Comic-Con and turned San Diego’s Petco Park into a post-apocalyptic nightmare. Last year, the Escape was set up in three different cities, and now it’s headed to at least eight different cities, which will comprise the first leg of the tour, as sponsored by monster-truck rally Monster X Tour.

Thousands of potential walkers and survivors will get the chance to live out some of their more morbid dreams. Survivors will be sent out into the course to run, climb, crawl, and jump their way through highways, hospitals, and prisons while dodging the dangerous walkers, eventually getting their contamination level tested to see how well they did. As the undead, participants will experience a makeup treatment with professional artists and a training session before being let loose on the course to try and take down their less decrepit counterparts. The course is equipped to handle people that fit most physical descriptions, and each obstacle will have a second, easier way to get around it. It’s not a race to see who’s fastest, but to see who can live the longest.

“I’m trilled to offer fans new and old an even bigger, more interactive experience this time around,” said Kirkman. The tour will kick off on Thursday, April 24 in Baton Rouge, and will then travel to Houston, Miami, Jacksonville, New Orleans, and Atlanta (of course), and will end in San Diego just in time for Comic-Con 2014. More locations will be added, but it’s not clear whether they’ll fill in the days before or after SDCC. Here’s a short video of how things went down in Philadelphia last year.

To get tickets, just go to the official website and get ready to put up $75 for 35-50 minutes of obstacles or two and a half hours of chasing after people as a walker. Or you can pay $150 and take on both duties. You’ll have to supply your own Rick Grimes sheriff badge though.

Join us as we cross the obstacle course of talking about The Walking Dead episodes when it returns with a vengeance on February 9.

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