Star Wars: Episode VII: Get Your First Look At A Chrome Trooper

By Brent McKnight | Published

I’m just going to throw this up here right off the bat to get it out of the way, but there are some potential SPOILERS beyond this point in regards to the upcoming science fiction film Star Wars: Episode VII. Then again, this might all turn out to be nonsense, in which case nothing will be spoiled at all. But if you don’t want to take that chance, I suggest you stop reading.


This image right here is what stormtroopers traditionally look like in the Star Wars universe. They’ve looked that way for years, since 1977 real world time, and much longer within the confines of the fictional world George Lucas created all those years ago. You’re probably well aware of that.

We also know that there are going to a bunch of stormtroopers running around all over the place in Episode VII. In what capacity, precisely, we don’t know, but the other day, star Oscar Isaac, who may or may not be piloting the Millennium Falcon this time around, said that there will be a butt load of them. But they’re going to look different, at least some of them.

Courtesy of Indie Revolver
Courtesy of Indie Revolver
A while back we saw a concept drawing of a redesigned stormtrooper, but now IndieRevolver, who you may remember posted some concept art and leaked photos from the set a while back, posted an image of another type of stormtrooper. People are calling this a Chrome Trooper, because instead of the traditional white armor, or even the black that pops up now and again, this armor, as you can see, is made out of reflective metal.

The photo shows pretty much what you imagine. It looks like a stormtrooper mask, but made of chrome. He’s wearing a hood in the picture, but according to the report, that’s not what they look like in the film. Apparently instead of the head covering, they have a rigid metal collar that rises up from the armor and provides protection. I think you can see that under the hood, and it almost makes them look like Cylons from the original Battlestar Galactica.

It makes sense that, 30 years after the Battle of Endor, there may have been some tweaks made to the appearance of the stormtroopers. They’ve always had a few varieties anyway, for different environments, weather conditions, and what have you, but these are definitely the most drastic changes we’ve seen yet. And while there is no concrete word on their exact role, there are some general ideas floating around.

It’s possible these Chrome Troopers are a private security group for Adam Driver’s character, and they may not even be Imperial forces at all, but a kind of silver, army-for-hire kind of team. Again, we don’t know the precise nature of Driver’s character, but if the scuttlebutt going around is correct, he could very well be the type of person who needs a private army to protect him.

Adam DriverWe’ve seen Driver, or at least someone who looks exactly like him, walking around dressed as an X-Wing pilot, but from every report we’ve encountered, and continue to encounter, he’s a bad guy, not a hero. The latest rumor is that he is an aristocrat, someone with a lot of money and a hard-on for Sith lore (that feels like the Star Wars equivalent of people who collect Nazi memorabilia). If he’s travelling around, probably dealing with shady traders and handing large sums of space cash, it makes sense that he might employ a gang of goons to protect him. The report also notes that what this armor most looks like are the ships from Princess Amidala’s home world of Naboo in the prequels, which, if correct, opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Shit could get very crazy indeed.

As with everything related to Star Wars: Episode VII, however, we’ll have to wait and see if any of this is the case, or if these costumes are even in the film, until it opens on December 18, 2015.

This is the way.

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