Short Film Burp Shows You How To Fight Aliens With Biological Warfare

By Brian Williams | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

You’ve seen alien invasion movies before, so you know that they’re usually after our resources, brains, land, or women. While the list doesn’t usually make a whole lot of sense from a scientific standpoint, it’s usually something that we want for ourselves, so it would make sense that we’d fight for it. In the South Korean animated short Burp, the aliens seemingly come for one of our most valuable resources, pigs, and one farmer is not letting his bacon go so easily… or cleanly.

Burp may well be one of the most misleadingly titled short films of all time. It’s pretty obvious as you watch that the short has nothing to do with burps at all, but rather another four letter word that probably wouldn’t have looked so well in the film project listing of South Korean school Chun-Ang University. It’s a cute little short, and the animation is so good that I’m sure the guys at Pixar will hire most of the animators immediately after they witness the most perfectly rendered pig anus that has ever graced digital media. That’s something I always thought was lacking from Cars, anuses.

Probably the best thing about Burp is that it gives us one more weapon in our UFO defensive arsenal. Independence Day gave us the ultra lethal computer virus, Evolution gave us dandruff shampoo, and now Burp gives us pig shit. E.T. better think twice before he comes for our Reese’s Pieces now, we’re ready for him.