What If Ridley Scott Directed A Star Wars Movie?

By Rudie Obias | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Over the last month and a half, the entire Internet has been overrun with news about Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, and the newly announced Star Wars movies. And when it wasn’t speculation about who would be involved, it’s been a barrage of good and bad Star Wars/Disney Internet memes. It’s kind of refreshing to find a Star Wars video that has nothing to do with Disney. Like this video, which posits the idea of Ridley Scott directing a Star Wars movie. The result is an Alien/Star Wars crossover that really makes you wish Star Wars was this dark and haunting.

It’s amazing what a little editing and scoring can do to the moving image. This is really fantastic and impressive! The video combines the very best of the original Star Wars trilogy with the Alien franchise. The end product is a perfect match of science fiction and geek fandom.

It almost feels as if Star Wars could actually go in this direction, in terms of tone. To see Darth Vader confront the Alien Queen with a lightsaber is an inspired choice. Also, the idea that Stormtroopers have good enough aim to kill Xenomorphs is hilarious.

The mash-up trailer was created by Comical Runs, a YouTube comedy duo from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. If Ridley Scott is looking to score good points with sci-fi geeks again, after the polarizing release of Prometheus, maybe he should consider directing one of the new Star Wars movies. It would be good to see Star Wars with a darker sensibility, but it’s doubtful Disney will ever release an R-rated Star Wars movie. We can only imagine.

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