Revolution Adds A Love Interest And A Funny Guy For Season Two

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Jessica CollinsNBC’s post-apocalyptic drama Revolution was one of the network’s highest rated freshman shows in quite a long time, and one of only two new shows they’re bringing back. After wrapping up a successful, if uneven, debut season, the producers hope to build on the initial momentum of the series. Revolution lost a couple of key pieces along the way, and the show has added a couple of new recurring cast members to bolster the ranks and offset the casualties.

Deadline reports that Jessica Collins, most known for her role in Katheryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty, is climbing aboard the Revolution train. The 30 year old actress has already booked the first four episodes of season two, and will play a character named Cynthia. Now Cynthia is a described as a “beautiful young woman of deep faith,” one also gifted with “winning humor and blazing intelligence.” That’s not a terrible package, and you can understand how she might win the heart of some lovelorn blackout survivor.

Prevailing wisdom seems to think it will be the gruff Miles Matheson (Billy Burke) who falls for Cynthia. He will be in need of a love interest after Nora’s (Daniella Alonso) untimely demise at the end of last season. This role could also be filled by Elizabeth Mitchell’s Rachel character, the two do share a history, but it seems too early for that kind of move. There’s a lot of drama between those two. Miles is also just the type of wounded, world-weary soul that religious folk tend to be drawn to in fictions such as Revolution, and Cynthia could easily see him as someone who needs saving. We’ll have to wait until the show returns this fall to find out for sure.

Patrick Heusinger

Meanwhile, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the other new addition to the family is Patrick Heusinger, who is most known for roles in Black Swan, Gossip Girl, and Royal Pains. His character, Adam, sounds like something Revolution hasn’t had yet, a good time party guy. In his 30s, and in prime physical condition, Adam is described a “rogue,” who is both funny and experiences life to the fullest. I’m sure he won’t be a clown, or play for straight comic relief—that wouldn’t fit with the overall dour countenance of the show—so you can bet he’ll have a serious side and a tragic backstory to balance his surface lightheartedness.

We’re still some time away from seeing new episodes of Revolution, and there will almost certainly be more additions to the cast before the new episodes start. And if season one is any indication, they’re not afraid to change things up as they go. Over the span of the first 20 episodes, the scope of the narrative, and the world at large, continued to expand. As the stakes increase, you can expect the view of the post-blackout world to grow, and with that, we’ll need more character to fill up all that empty space.

When Revolution returns on September 25, it will be in a new home, Wednesdays at 8pm.