Revolution Season Finale Pushed Back A Week After Boston Tragedy

By David Wharton | Updated

RevolutionGiven that most of us were glued to news coverage of the Boston bombing Monday night, I don’t imagine many of us even remembered that NBC’s Revolution was supposed to be on. Well, if you forgot to set your DVR and that previous sentence just made you smack your forehead in annoyance, fear not. The show was pre-empted by Boston coverage, so this week’s episode will air next Monday, which will shift the season finale back into June.

NBC was quick to clarify that Revolution fans wouldn’t miss anything, since the remainder of the season is just getting shifted by a week. A spokesperson said, “Viewers will not miss anything in the ongoing storylines. The new season finale will now [air] one week later on Monday, June 3 at 10/9c.”

The Boston preemption is completely understandable and approriate, so it’s good to see NBC allowing for Revolution fans to still see all the episodes. After all, we don’t know yet whether we’ll get a second season of the show, so this last batch of episodes could possibly be the last of the show as a whole. And after a three-month hiatus, this show doesn’t need to have its schedule made any more wonky.

It’s also worth noting that the original season finale date was May 27, which already put it nearly a week outside of May sweeps. By shifting things back by an episode, now Revolution will have two episodes arriving outside of the sweeps bubble. Kudos to NBC for making that decision.