Revolution Will Expand In Scope And Kill Some Folks

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Since returning from its extended midseason hiatus, NBC’s Revolution has taken great pains to raise the stakes of the show. So far we’ve learned why the power went out (power-absorbing nanites), seen the death of a major character (Graham Rodgers’ Danny), and witnessed exactly what General Sebastian Monroe (David Lyons) intends to do now that he has the ability to power helicopters (destroy everything and everyone who stands in his way).

These are all big steps, but according to co-executive producers Paul Grellong and David Rambo, this is only the beginning. Talking to Blastr, Grellong says, moving forward, “The focus shifts, the scope gets bigger, the old rivalries and relationships only grow more intense. [With the quest for] power, a whole new host of problems rises.”

All of this starts tonight, with the episode “The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia,” which was delayed a week due to the tragic bombing in Boston. For the first time we’ll see what life looks outside of the Monroe Republic, when Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Miles (Billy Burke), and Nora (Daniella Alonso) journey to the Georgia Federation in hopes of finding allies in the war that is brewing. In keeping with the trend of Miles having history with everyone they meet, he has a past with the Georgian President Foster, played by 24’s Leslie Hope.

Rambo explains:

Were going to see other parts of the country for the first time…That is very interesting because the Monroe Republic is just kind of the northeast United States. But we will go down into Georgia, which is very different. The quest to stop Monroe from getting all the power will take us—you can tell I have to be very careful here—but I think it’ll take us west. I’ll say that.

There is certainly a ton of space to explore, if Revolution does indeed venture westward. According to the map we saw earlier in the season, the Plains Nation and Texas border the western edges of both the Monroe Republic and the Georgia Federation. Beyond that, the Wasteland takes up much of the Rocky Mountains, down into Mexico, and the California Commonwealth is keeping it west coast. Is this where the show becomes a drama of modern manifest destiny?

The second half of Revolution’s freshman season will deal largely with the shifting alliances formed in the first segment, exploring how those are changing, and establishing new coalitions in order to combat the threat Monroe presents. Rambo continues, “And yeah, there are some losses that are going to hurt.”

Also, moving on we’ll start to explore the thematic “revolution” of the title. The show will attempt to explore life during wartime, and the strains of a family trying to stay together, all while increasing and expanding the scope of the series.

The combination of more deaths, expanded scope, and increased stakes adds up to Revolution upping its game. Will it be enough to keep audiences interested? For that, we’ll have to wait and see.

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