Meet The Head Of One Of Revolution’s Other Nations

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Over the course of the first 10 episodes of NBC’s sci-fi drama Revolution, the primary antagonist has been the Monroe Militia, led by one Colonel Sebastian Monroe (David Lyons). A while back, in the episode “Soul Train,” viewers caught a glimpse of a map of the new North America. The map showed post-apocalyptic divisions of the continent, and put us on notice that there is way more than just Monroe out there to contend with.


When Revolution returns from a mid-season break on March 25th, the show will broaden its horizons somewhat, and viewers will meet the leader of one of the other new nations. 24 alum Leslie Hope will play President Foster, the tough head of the Georgia Federation. Hope recently stared in the short-lived ABC series The River.

While Monroe’s seat of power encompasses the northeastern United States and parts of Canada, the Georgia Federation occupies the southeast. We’ve also heard that the southern delegation has an alliance going with the Plains Nations. Some rivalries are going to come to a head before too long. Violent conflict is definitely in the cards, especially considering that Monroe now has the capability to power pre-blackout weapons, like tanks and helicopters.


What we don’t know is what role these new developments will play in the larger narrative of the show. Hope has signed on for a multiple-episode story arc, so there will be some space for Revolution to play with. Hopefully this expanded world will give fans a more complete picture of the post-blackout world of the series.

There are also indications that the Georgia Federation will play a significant part in the revolution of the title. You can imagine that the Matheson clan—Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Danny (Graham Rodgers), and Miles (Billy Burke)—and their compatriots may try to team up with President Foster’s forces, or at least attempt to.