If You Can’t Have A Light Cycle, This Custom TRON Camaro Will Have To Do

By David Wharton | Updated

While TRON Legacy wasn’t anything to write home about in the storyline department, the visuals were gorgeous, it had a great soundtrack, and it helped remind audiences that none of us will ever be truly satisfied in our lives until we have light cycles to drive. Still, until we can reverse engineer that dematerialization gun and export ourselves a light cycle (and Olivia Wilde) straight from the Grid, why not just TRON-ify the vehicles we already have? That seems to be the thinking behind this little beauty, a custom Chevy Camaro with a snazzy TRON wrap.

The TRON mobile is a collaboration between Team Turbo Legacy and SS Customs, who made the actual wrap for the 750HP Chevy Camaro. And sure, the final project looks nice, but I kind of wonder why they didn’t do any of that neon lighting for the undercarriage. I’m no car expert, but that just seems like a missed opportunity to me. It’s not like I’m asking them to rig it where it can actually secrete laser barriers out of the rear or anything.

Points are also detracted for not figuring out how to make the car make the “nnnnyaaaaaaa” light cycle noise. Come on, people, where’s your passion for authenticity?